the cost of a good education ...

Spent a lovely day today with a good friend visiting from Qatar. As I am having difficulty handling the everyday muck of life, I asked her to accompany me on a 'School Supply' shopping expedition. Usually, I order the ready-made 'school packs' from the PTO at the end of each school year. But this past spring, I was letting all the items on the 'to-do' list slip through the cracks of my depression. My daughter went on-line and copied the school's 3rd grade supply list for me to take. CHA - CHING. CHA - CHING. $169 later and I'm swearing at myself for not purchasing the ready-made pack at the bargain price of $110.

Of the many items on the list, one was 48 No. 2 pencils. Now with an instructional year of 180 days, 48 No. 2 pencils averages to 1.3 new pencils per week. Is my third grader going to be writing so prolifically that he will be wearing down, to the nub, 1.3 pencils a week ?????

Yes. $169 was for my THIRD GRADER. That amount does not include all the 'School Spirit' Items that the PTO just emailed me for purchase. Order now so the kids will have their hoodies and t-shirts for that first day of school !!! And please, I'm refraining from even listing all the school fund-raising functions and book fairs that are to come .....

Next week my TWO HIGH SCHOOLERS have their orientation and will be given their supply lists ...

sigh. anyone have a spare nickel ?


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