How Cool is This ??

Soubriquet of Grit in the Gears fame has posted some glorious photos of our Jurassic fossil finds from the North Sea coast of Port Mulgrave. I urge you to go HERE to take a look.

This post is inspired by the comments left on my last "Navel Gazing ..." post. Each comment struck a unique chord within me: Remember that i'm unique; Remember that i'm deserving; Remember that love lives far across an ocean. But Soubriquet's comment reminded me of my personal accomplishment: trekking down and up a steep headland; hunting for Jurassic Age fossils (160 million+ years old); the thrill of discovery; the satisfaction of accomplishing a dream that became a desire that became our reality:
"Look at your ammonite, and reflect that you, you, were not just the first person ever to see it, you were not just the first mammal, you were the first air-breather ever to see that ammonite. A hundred and sixty five to 180 million years ago, (give or take a million or two, either way), whilst that dactyliocareas was idly swimming about, in a shallow tropical sea, YOU were its future destiny." ~ soubriquet

1. the first fossil i spotted
while walking across the rock strewn beach:

2. we became adept at looking for a particular rock shape
and colour, a hint of something hidden inside:

3. A swift tap of the hammer; hopefully a break along
the right seam; and then -
ahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

4. My own personal victory: climbing down and then back
up the steep headland. I confess: I did complain a wee bit.
I think the smile on my face declares my victory
(and relief !) What a beautiful place !!!

thank you for making my dream come true, sweetheart.


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