I Want

to shove my clothes
to one side of the closet,
give you the bigger half.
Quietly I'll hide most of my shoes,
so you won't know I have this many.

I will
rearrange furniture to add more,
find space on my shelves
for your many books
nail up the placard that says
poets do it, and redo it, and do it again.

I want
to share a laundry basket,
get our clothes mixed up,
wait for the yelling
when my reds run wild
into your whites
turning them a luscious pink,
your favorite color of me.

I will
move my pillow
to the other side of the bed,
lay yours next to mine,
your scent on the fabric
always near me,
even on nights you're away.

I will
buy a new bureau to hold your
thousand and one black socks,
find a place for all those work boots,
the ones I refer to as big and ugly.

I want
more pots and pans to wash,
piles of them leaning high
from late night meals
cooked naked and drunk,

red wine pouring into
a sauce of simmering
tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil,
kisses bitten between bites,
and platefuls of our late hours,
stacking up into dawn.

I want
to stock cupboards, closets, and pantry,
fill the house with us.
I want to gain weight with you
because our love,
our love makes me fat.

~ by Kim Konopka



Pauline said...


it's never going to happen (again) but this poem makes it almost sound like something wonderful

red dirt girl said...


sister,friend - never say never ..... but yes, it is something wonderful. i wish i had written this poem!


soubriquet said...

I thought this was your poem, your voice, until I saw you'd posted the poets name..
Get that pencil out. Start scribbling.

red dirt girl said...


i'm looking for my red crayon box ... funny you write this because i was staring up at my ceiling this afternoon and thought, "i want to bury my face in his neck, inhale his fragrance, bite and taste his salty sweetness ..." then the rest got pretty sappy....xxxxx

Dave Mows Grass said...

You must know what I do when I see that you've posted a poem. First I see the title: "I Want" sounds like an RDG poem! Then I see the picture, definite RDG selection! Then a quick visual on the verses I can see without scrolling. A little long, but possibly RDG material. This time I read a couple lines: Not quite as sharp as a typical RDG poem--a little bit straightforward--but could be... Then I scroll down to see how long the poem is. I knew it wasn't yours before I got to the bottom. Dammit! But I did something different this time. I scrolled back up and read the whole poem. It's not bad. Not as good as an RDG poem, but not bad!

Hi mule friend!