my sister wants to kill me !!!!!!

Heh. Grabbed your attention didn't I ??

It's true, though. I swann on my grammy mule's grave, polished hooves crossed and all !! (ps. we'll just keep the info that I'm prone to distorted thinking secret, like, ok ?) First she tried to do it here on the Rio Dulce, Guatemala - right underneath that thar bridge - SHE DID !! I was riding shotgun on the back of the jet ski, and she commenced to swerving, swooping, flipping - you name it - my li'l sis can do it on a jet ski. This was ten years ago. Apparently her dastardly plan did not work. I might have lost my voice from screaming on that sweet river, but I managed to hold onto my life .... !

Fast forward to the end of my summer vacation, which included a quick stop over to visit my fam in the red dirt hills of Georgia. My li'l sis and fam had just moved to their 17 acre horse farm. Lots of stuff going on: frilly male decorators, wood burning he-men, fence builders - you name it - she had a whole posse of men (now THAT'S my gorgeous sis for ya) working round the clock to get her new farm into shape. So she asks me if I want a quad ride around the farm to see it all. Hey, I haven't lived 45 years for nothing ...... so I thinks to myself: self, if she didn't kill you on the back of the jet ski, chances are better that she might do you in here .... So I said SURE. Then she asked one of the decorators if they knew how to run the quad. Was that a sign for me from a higher power ???

She's got the info she needs: turn it on. turn it off. make it go fast ..... REAL FAST !! Let me point out that they had just received a good rain. The route was deeply rutted and full of RED CLAY, and my li'l sis LOVES TO SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME !! So we go ripping down 'the road' which looked a little bit like this:

Only the sun was going down, so it was twilightish-ness, and the moon was already high and full and we skidded to a stop in an open field to look at what will one day be the lake. And also to gossip about family since we were finally not surrounded by .... family. Then she rev'd up again whipped us around and up to the front pasture with its new fencing (yes, we rolled right over the old poles and barbed wire that had been the previous fence !!) Then we jumped a few small hills just for fun (SCREAMED MY SIS) and then....


This time we stopped to talk about MEN !!!!!!!!!!!! argggggghhhh ........ and she asked me if I was having fun. I was, actually. Then she grinned her evil li'l sis grin at me and said .......


Apparently, I've survived to share the tale with you. Now I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate some of those life lessons into my current chaos:

1. dive in even if you don't know what you're doing
2. scream when needed
3. go ahead and lean into the curves
4. hold on and hold tight
5. stop and gaze at the moon every now and then
6. have fun

7. be thankful for a brave little sis !!!



Ulysses said...

And for the next two days, when the moon goes down, check out the meteors. Don't forget to take your wish list.

Penelope's coming to visit for two days, three nights. Then to the beach with my brothers. I think I'm going to put your lessons to the test.

Pauline said...

you forgot "discuss men" on that thar list...

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

.......! RDM!

GEWELS said...

I think I'm gonna like your 'lil sis!