PHOOEY !!!!!!!

One of the many delightful 'tastes' of England that I became quite addicted to during my visit is GINGER BEER. Ginger Beer is a NON alcoholic, quite 'spicy' and 'gingery' version of its insipid cousin, Ginger Ale. I fell in LOVE WITH THE STUFF. You'd see me at all hours, in all manner of dress or undress, in pubs, restaurants, grocery stores ......... QUAFFING my beloved Ginger Beer. I especially liked Old Jamaica's brand --- mmmmmmmmmMMMMMMYUM!

So I have been prowling our super-dee-duper grocery stores here in Bubbletown and discovered today, oh bless my red dirt girly soul, REEDS GINGER BEER !! I didn't get too greedy. Just a 4 pack to start. But all the way home I envisioned myself kicking back with a cold Ginger Beer whilst watching and directing the unloading of groceries by my mulette pack.

Truth be told: they unload and I put away. Works pretty well. So. A 2-hour grocery shop; 3 full meal preparations stored in the fridge; fresh fruit for my late night sweets cravings; minimal chips and NO COOKIES, CAKES OR ............ okay. One small pint of B&J's FroYo Cherry Garcia .... and I'm ready for my Gingery Beer treat. A glass of crushed ice, a turn of the bottle cap and a whiff of ginger.

SIGH................ i'm in heaven ..................... NOT

One drink of this poor excuse for a beverage, much less Ginger Beer, and I'm a-sputterin' and a-spittin' cause it tastes AWFUL !! I'd compare it to .... well, I've never drunk piss, but I suspect it tastes a lot like Reed's Extra Ginger Beer. This stuff wouldn't even pass as Ginger Ale or a mixer at some Lush's Luau ......


I'm glad I only went for one 4 pack. I actually traveled a fair distance to a larger store in hopes of finding an alternate brand .......... no luck. I'm one sad mule. I miss my Ginger Beer. I do! I do!
In the meantime, I'm ditching Reed's. Where is Fentiman when you need him ????????



Ulysses said...

This is not an endorsement, but you must skip down to the part about "unique mixers". Unique indeed, and certainly a mix in any room...


Stewart's makes a Ginger Beer. I've never tried it, but every other flavor I've tried from them has been delish. Good Luck in your search for the taste of Home.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh nooooooooooooo!
btw, later today I shall post pics of the first 2 dragon mugs--they look tres bon!

soubriquet said...

Fentimans have a U.S. operation, they might just tell you if any Texas retailers sell their product. Failing that, just come and look in my fridge.... Old Jamaica Ginger Beer!


Dave Mows Grass said...

Drink it a few times and you'll get used to it. Did you have any iron bru? I enjoyed the billboard I saw at Gatwich the one time I was there. It had a photo of an ultrasound probe on a very pregnant human belly. It said, "Irn Bru: It won't make you pregnant but it will make you awful frisky!" I fell in love with HP Sauce when I was in the Sinai and really missed it when I left to Korea. Years later, I saw HP Sauce at Shopper's Mart in Toronto and snatched it up. It was alright but not nearly as good as I remembered it to be. Hi Mule Friend!

red dirt girl said...

uly- my brain is pretty mixed up as is. alcohol is a huge NO for me.

gary! LOVE THE DRAGONS !!!!!!!!!!!!

soubry sweetheart ~ forget Fentiman's, I'm heading over to YOUR fridge. ummm, any lemony cheesecake to go with that ginger beer ??? ;)


red dirt girl said...

hi Dave !!!

no, I have to pass on the alcoholic beverages ... too many chemicals roaming my bloodstream ... makes me very .... cranky? let's see. I came back with a huge craving for rum and raisin ice cream which is odd because I never order it stateside .... Old Jamaica ginger beer ...... sea salt and black pepper 'crisps' (potato chips to us) CUSTARD - OMG - I'M a custard fiend .... and I'm VERY PARTIAL to lemon cheesecake. Makes me frisky ;)

good to see you, dave