skullduggery !!

One of the wonderful things my beloved did was purchase Robert Louis Stevenson's book Treasure Island for me to share with my youngest son. My beloved and I were both taken with the lovely illustrations and care to make the 'new' book look 'old.' I only hoped that my eight year old would find the story as intriguing as we did...

And my little one LOVES THIS BOOK. He eagerly looked through the book at the illustrations. Then he pulled off the dust jacket to find this bit of embossed skullduggery on its cover:
My child explained to me that he wants the book itself to get all 'old and dusty looking' the way a REAL TREASURE MAP would look !!
The drawings on the endpapers are lovely and intricately sketched. But my son especially loves the map on the title page with its 'treasure coins.' (Yes, he did ask if I had any treasure coins to go with the book!)

My son remarked at how the book's pages look 'old' already - so cool, mom !

We've now reached Part II and the introduction of ..... Long John Silver ..... of course, I had to laugh when my son exclaimed: "Wow! Just like the restaurant name, mom !!" Yeah. We aren't as literary as we like to pretend. But he's enjoying the story despite the difficult wording, and we are both spending some quality 'snuggle' time together which isn't really considered snuggling to an 8 yr. old!

Ship's ahoy!

ps. apologies for poor photo quality - laptop doesn't have the best camera/flash arrangement.


Ulysses said...

Methinks by All Hallow's Eve ye might have yerself a right fine Pirate there's. Arghh.

P.S. Q: Why couldn't the kids go to the pirate movie?
A: Because it was rated "ARrrrrr"

P.P.S. Hey, can't a guy tell a joke around here without being hauled from the keel? It's a lot funnier after a few ales, I swear.

Pauline said...

snuggle time, reading time... two of my favorite things!