an rdg poem

Speaking In Tongues

I’m not some canary
You can thrust into a box
That cavity next to your beating heart.
I sing too loud.

I’m not a simple house wren
Content to nest nearby
Whose pleasant chirpings
Greet you.
I sing too loud.

Don’t mistake me for a cooing dove,
A Nightingale,
A Warbler in the marshes.
My song is not for pleasantries.
I sing too loud.

I climb higher than the others.
Point my beak into the wind.
Whir and click and speak
In tongues.
Swoop deeper than the rest.

A loon
A kite
A swan
An owl
A single note sung

~ by red dirt girl, 2009


Dave Mows Grass said...

You sing loudly, for sure; but never too loudly. Thanks RDG!

Anonymous said...

lovely poem, i only recently found this blog, kept going back to t'other. i left soubriquet a comment on maybe giving stewart's ginger beer a try after reading about your abhorrence to reed's. a friend told me it was good but i cannot attest to it personally.

red dirt girl said...

hi Dave!
Thank YOU for your sweet comments on the other poem and for spurring me to put pencil to paper again. I do wish I had written the other poem (it's just that good) but I'm pleased with this 'first' in a long while effort.


red dirt girl said...

Hi Jim!
I'm glad you found me. I did a typical rdg move from one blog to another. The longer you know me, the more blogs you'll read of me. Apologies for the confusion.

Thank you, too, for the kind compliment on the poem. I had read about Stewart's - now I need to locate it. Possibly the local liquor store ??? The grocery chains are all wedded to Reed's. I'll let you know if I'm successful!!


Ulysses said...

I'd been wondering what bird that was I'd hear in the wee hours. It's a lovely note, with several harmonics dancing in each burst. Loud indeed, like it's meant to be carried far on the wind. It could not sound as full in a box.
Thanks for sharing, Redbird.

Pauline said...

you're a Superb Lyrebird then :)

Minx said...

Yoo hoo, baby, hope all is well. Miss yer Redness.

soubriquet said...

You sing loud, and you sing your own song, not like those copytweeting featherheads.
I like this latest song, I like that poems just... happen to you, I see you chewing your pencil and frowning.
Strong poem, really strong, grabbing first verse.
Applause. xxxxxxxx

p.s., I thought I'd let a few commenters comment first, just so you didn't think my words were flattery.

soubriquet said...

p.p.s. :- That word verification thing? vorpid.
That's like a tepid vortex, I think.

By the word verification, there is a wheelchair symbol. I think that's very progressive and thoughtful of you, having a wheelchair-accessible blog, so i tried rolling my computer chair up the ramp, then let go... Wheeeeeee!!!!!&***??ARGH!!!!!
Sorry about the glass doors. No brakes, me, see.
I'll pay in birdseed and cake crumbs.

red dirt girl said...

thank you all for the warm comments. nice to see all your faces. i'm in a bit of a spiral at the moment. so i apologize for the silence. i'll be back. soon i hope.


Mother of Invention said...

Lovely, spirited poem showing your great strength. You have amazing talent with words. Hope you have something in place for fall as in a teaching job or something related.
Sending you good vibes to be well.

e said...

Well, I can't believe it! RDM went missing sometime ago, and I never knew what happened...

I hope RDG is well and content these days!

Love the poem!

Dave Mows Grass said...

You OK?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Loud. And clear.

Mother of Invention said...

Just checking on you! You can talk to us.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Christmas comes but once a year
And perhaps it's just as well.
With food and drink and bonhomie
Our tummy's prone to swell.

But it is a chance to tell our friends
The ones too oft neglected,
That we're glad they're there
A friendship much respected.

Thank you.
May you Christmas be merry and the New Year everything you wish for.

Dr. Carl Myers said...

Great blog. I wonder if the ginger beer was old...i drink
Reeds on and off, but have had a bad bottle twice. Will try your book advice.

goatman said...

The sun may be awaitin!!
For your pretty words . . .