coming home ........ again

well ....
if there's anything you can count on these days, it's the fact that the red dirt muley girl WILL drop off the face of the internet ........ AND bounce back in again.

word jumble of the day: disorder refractive depression bipolar major (hint: it's VERY hard to treat)

sooooo...... new drugs. new digs (check out the cute little pottery cabinet in the corner and a piggy by my best beloved, snuggling under the lamp light ..... !) new gig - working at the mall. more 'bout that later.

first home cooked (as home cooked as the mule gets) meal: spaghetti ..... ummm, errrrrr, uhh - we moved in before thanksgiving.

yep. it took me a while to find my cookin' pans.

oh. and one more blogsworthy mule moment ..........

3.8 years
$50,000+ in legal fees
i took him to the cleaners .... he came out crying

i trotted out smilin' ;)

ps. favorite blog find of the day: "In My Craft or Sullen Art" by Dylan Thomas. Go visit Soubry's blog HERE.

oh. and there's a gary rith pottery piggery hiding behind that coffee pot. HONEST!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Took hom to the cleaners, GOOD. I hope you kicked the doofus in the nuts too.
I hope your job at the mall is fun.
I hope his new girlfriend has the clap.
I hope your wee little doggy and your nice kids are all OK.

red dirt girl said...

GARY !!!!! boy howdy, i've missed your smilin' ways. A good mule kick to the nuts would have been most satisfying, but I am content with the kick to his wallet which I believe is paining doofus even more!!

The job has its fun moments and humanity is entertaining all on its own.

The new/old girlfriend is just ..... WEIRD. I haven't commented or stepped in yet (she's anxious to meet me and become 'friendly') as her status is somewhat precarious. But she's overly strict with my youngest and text messages my middle child, promising to take her to Vegas and sneak the 14 yr old into 'all the cool clubs.........!'

The kids are all RELIEVED that it is finally over. Especially the oldest. All are opening up more to me. They've taken a battering from this storm and the middle child is currently in therapy with dad (one of my 'wins') because she refuses to spend time with him .......

And Oscar is still rulin' the roost and littering my bed with dog hair. sigh.

This is all I'm going to say about doofus and his new angel. His MO has always been CONTROL. So no nice neutrality to ensue. We will continue to skirmish.

Out of deference and love to my best beloved, I'm attempting to let go and move on. Look ahead. I've effectively cut the puppet master's strings. I'm free. And it feels good.

thanks for asking, dear friend!

gz said...

Go for it girl!
I brought up my four from when the youngest was 8 (now nearly 21 ). We kicked out their father all five of us together, but it took me a long time to come out from under my rock and start thinking of myself.
All the best for the future

bulletholes said...

Good to see you again Red!

Barbara said...

Glad to see you back in the Blog world. I'm glad you won!

red dirt girl said...

thank you gz for the encouraging words!

cowboy - good to see YOU, TOO !!!!!

barbara - phew. i feel like a bear waking up from a looonnnggg winter's nap ..... thank you for all your support through the year(s) ??!!!

xxx! - all

Dave Mows Grass said...

I thought if I waited a day I'd could come up with some really smart way of welcoming you back, but I couldn't. Just know that we all missed you very much while you were out pondering, and that it's good to have you back and doing well. ~Dave

bulletholes said...

Yeah, like Dave said.

red dirt girl said...

dave, steve -

hey you guys. i've really, really, really missed you both. depression sucks. thanks for keeping faith in me.


GEWELS said...

YAY! Good news #2 today. Another dear friend (of course I consider you a dear friend) won her battle with the ex today too. I think bubbly all around is what's called for. I'll buy. :)

Cute new digs. Hope you're warm and snuggly and safe in your new place and job. Do tell.
Things will get easier with the mulettes, I am sure.
Keep the faith and keep fighting the demons. You're coming out on top.

PS- Happy Labor Day,Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy President's Day.
They weren't celebrations without you. Lol!

red dirt girl said...

ahhhhh Gewels - 3 big hugs to you! you're making me smile. thank you very much for the glass of bubbly, i think i will! know i've missed you more than words convey and i'm grateful. grateful that my blog friends are ... still my friends!! mwah, mwah, smooches!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

HOGS AND KISSES sweetie! Thanks for sharing the retail story, part one too...