cut me some slack ...

I remember when my 22 yr. old step-daughter was in pre-school, she would bring home happy notes when she had done something particularly well. On the occasion of her mis-behavior, she would bring home sad notes. Today, I arrived at work to find a sad note taped to my locker. Sigh. That makes me 0 for4 this month: 0 weeks that I have worked in which I did not get 'advised of' or 'talked to' or a note stuck on my locker regarding a failure, on my part, to perform my job to certain standards. Let's face it, the mule is a lone ranger type and working in the midst of a herd feels .... un-natural. I'm not deliberately rebellious. But I figure for $8.75 an hour, I'm not working as a rocket scientist. My natural straying tendencies are showing. I'm trying - HONEST- to fly low, under the radar. Help the customer. Keep my stall clean. Look busy when it's dead slow ....

This week's offense? I'm not clasping necklace chains back together before I re-stock them. My note was signed " The Management." That part made me laugh. I work for an organization that's somewhat top heavy in management. We're not a pyramid - more like a mesa. In other words, it's those who get benefits and then the rest of us, who don't.

There has been MAJOR DRAMA in management during the last two weeks, resulting in rifts and fault lines: i.e. it's YOUR fault .... Now no one wants to have their name on anything - not even a sales ticket. That's how paranoid we've all become.

I'm trying not to roll my eyes over
this. I know, I know - it's a learning curve, and we're not perfect etc. etc. But when the job starts becoming a major stress and irritant in life, I begin questioning the cost/benefit ratio. One manager declared, 'there are snakes among us.' I'm busy tracking the black cloud.

Looks like I need a sturdy pair of boots and an umbrella. Signs read: Raining Snakes Ahead !!



Anonymous said...

hate to say it but this kind of petty nonsense is an epidemic that i ruining our country. no one's to blame and when someone is, the accuser is nameless. what a crock of bullshit. everyone takes their cues from tv and politicians, admit nothing... especially if it's the truth. you're working amongst miniature congressmen to be. on the other hand, don juan (castaneda's) believed that we all need our petty tyrants and that they are a blessing because we become more impeccable human beings if we learn to deal with them without giving our energy to them... and of course, they never tire of being petty so we get lots of practice. easier said than done though, usually i just want to take a tire iron to them or verbally get at that pulsing jugular. who'd a'thought that leaving the necklaces unclasped warranted anything more that a polite conversational reminder... the, horror! the snakes comment sounds a bit evangelical christian to me.

red dirt girl said...

I think you said it best: petty minutiae. It feels as though I'm being prodded by a toothpick, repeatedly. I confess to fantasies of writing The Management back, but I get stuck on the signature: Seething masses yearning to be free of this bs ???
Your comment on evangelical christianity is prescient. I'll say no more .... thanks for the words. They help me to put this in a realm of normality.


bulletholes said...

Ya'll need to put necklace clasps on a checklist!