octogenarian humour

Our local mall is quite popular with 'mall walkers' who generally show up before stores open to get their laps in. We have a number of 'regulars' who stop by the store to say hi each day, and one such regular is an octogenarian, a real spry mall walker. I don't often get scheduled for the opening shift, being on the bottom of the peon pile, but here's a typical conversation I have with our 'regular' octogenarian:

Mule: "Hey there."
Octogenarian: What's cookin' good lookin' ?
Mule: Eyebrows frown, "Ummmm ......... dinner ? breakfast ? eggs and bacon?" muttering.
Octogenarian: You're supposed to say, 'Chicken.'
Mule: Polite heh heh laugh, "Oh right. Chicken. Sorry. Forgot ...." more muttering.

next week:

Mule: "Hey, how's it going?"
Octogenarian: What's cookin' good lookin'?
Mule: all excited 'cause I have the RIGHT answer ready, "CHICKEN !!"
Octogenarian: GOOD! You wanna neck ???
Mule: stunned silence. thinking to oneself. this is really creepy. what do I say ????, "Oh. Yeah. Right. Good one. Ha. Ha. " ....... muttering to muleself - "creeper"

I'm currently trying to subvert one of the younger co-workers to greet mr. octogenarian with the appropriate Chicken response. I'll let you know how it works out ........ heheheheheheheh!

from "Adventures in Retail;" Vol. 1, No. 2


Anonymous said...

it seems that you'll have an endless amount of stories working there. i think when men get old, gross and realize they're not a threat anymore, they start to say all kinds of strange things... i can't wait.

red dirt girl said...

You can stop by my post and be as outrageous as you'd like. All with the benefit of staying young. What's life without a bit of strangeness?