savin' for a rainy day ...

Customer: Well, things are looking bad these days. Really bad.
Our economy and all ....
Mule: Sympathetic snort.
Customer: Every day something worse happens. It's all over the news.
Mule: Raises eyebrows to encourage customer's musings.
Customer: I tell you what: I've gone around the house
and gathered up all my silver and gold.
Mule: Eyebrows raise more, "Really?"
Customer: Yes! I'm preparing for the day when our economy collapses,
and I'll have to use my gold to buy a loaf of bread...... You better get prepared too.
It's going to happen !

Mule: WHAT ???????????????????????

from: "Adventures in Retail," Vol. I, No. 1


Gary's third pottery blog said...

AH! Black man in White House = APOCALYPSE! Got it.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, he's not alone with that opinion. even if he were correct, the gold isn't going to help him one iota. didn't realize you were up and abloggin'

red dirt girl said...

hi Jim!

awake from my longggg winter's nap ... and attempting to make some sort of sense of my world these days. good to see you.