small miracles

I walked through snow yesterday.

Okay, so it melted as soon as it hit the ground; I was woefully under-dressed for the occasion; and I felt a mite tired and jaded by the day. I left the mall driving through slush: rain and sleet. By the time I had reached the grocery store, on the other side of town, slush had become big, fat, fluffy snowflakes. I tilted my head back to let some fall on my face. I like to think I looked winsomely snow-dusted as I entered the grocery store. (And not like the half-crazed, middle-aged mule that I truly am.)

Snow dusted me as I put gas in the car. And the miracles continued as I picked up the latest designer drug Rx. The prescription went through without a hitch: on HIS insurance/reimbursement plan, saving me $647.49 ..... !!!! (Dr. Jab prescribed me enough to last 4 months.)

I owe it all to my new piece of serious bling: the CHARM bracelet. On it hangs a charm that reads, "Expect A Miracle."

oh yeeeeaaaahhh .............


Anonymous said...

i have to admit i never see winsomely snow-dusted sorts at the grocery, it must have been a treat for the other shoppers. the fact that you can save 600+ on a prescription is amazing in itself... i guess there could be platinum in it somewhere.

red dirt girl said...

hi jim. hope you're feeling better! i believe i probably appeared wet and bedraggled to the other shoppers. however, in my mulish mind .... ha. Regarding the Rx, I am currently gathering up all the meds in my house, 'cause you know we will have to use them to buy a loaf of bread when the economy collapses ....... mwahaaaaaahaaaaaaa!


Anonymous said...

I am always on the lookout for surprises; and sometimes they happen, to my amazement.

Hope and trust that you are safe and happy as can be . . . most of the time.

GEWELS said...

The sky here in Santa Fe was a miracle today.
I expect you'll find more and more miracles.

Greg said...

can you shake it up
just once for me
your little globe just so we can see
the snow blowing round your hands