notes from staff meeting, page 2:

Thou Shalt Not Request Any Days Off During
the Month of May

(this includes the solar month of may; lunar month of may; all maypole activities ...)

Furthermore, said Commandment usurps the employees' right to a fair and bountiful life outside of and in spite of
said Company policies.

Mule: This All Hail the Company cr*p is SERIOUSLY hindering my love life. Muttering mutinously ......



Anonymous said...

I once worked for a group of humans in New york (Oswego to be exact) who thought it necessary and prudent to utilize employees off- hours activities for possible future use in employee evaluations.
Thought it was okay to do this in fact.
As a supervisor with 6 folks below me to evaluate I thought and acted upon the theory that if their numbers were good, what they did off hours was none of my business!

Of course I left that job post-haste!!

red dirt girl said...

Ahhhh Goatman. How ARE YOU ?? I'm happy to read you ditched your stint at the top of the food chain. I ask myself, at my mulishly mature age, who really is for me? who will back me up ? woe is me to seek the answers in my job.


jimgottuso said...

i'm rapt with curiosity... what about may? what's going on with may?

red dirt girl said...

ahhhh yes. lovely may. full of flowers and such. also happens to be the month for mothers (Mothers Day) and graduation. Which means, for our business, the second busiest retail month of the year, save December. I guess we don't generate quite enough dollars in December, so May is our 'finisher' for the fiscal year. But... I DID go ahead and put in my request, explaining its unusual circumstances (a wedding in a far far away land). Now it's up to the NEXT level of management to approve.....