guilty pleasures

Two of my guilty pleasures rolled into one: Madonna and Fox TV's series 'Glee' ...

Gleeful tidbits ...



soubriquet said...

In britain, our tabloid newspapers refer to Madonna as "Madge". We view her loopy behaviour with fascination, much as we would if a deranged squirrel thought it was a fish.
We, or I, anyway, are/am convinced that she is indeed talented, but the talent is second fiddle to her rapacious desire for self-aggrandisement.
~In short, I don't really like her at all.

Will Madge stage a come-back? Will Ms Germanotta take up riding in the bucolic English shires? Will frogs ride bicycles?
Who knows.

And her crown has been snatched by the even loopier Stephanie Germanotta, a.k.a Lady Gaga.

soubriquet said...

Fecking laptop!
it does strange editing at the slip of a digit.
transpose the last two paragraphs to see what i intended to say.

red dirt girl said...

Soubry - Madonna is iconic. We both came of age in the rapacious 80's and I secretly admired her 'take no prisoners' attitude. The Glee episode featuring her music was entitled, "The Power of Madonna." Kids were walking around in different Madonna looks, wearing rubberband bracelets with WWMD stamped on them. Ha!

Lady Gaga is another guilty pleasure. But is she iconic? Time will tell ...

frogs on bicycles??? I like that!