bangers and mash !!

bangers and mash and peas ....... Oh My !!

I recently had the opportunity to attend a proper English wedding. Well, the Queen wasn't there so I didn't have to wear a hat, phew! (But I did spy a few frilly feathery somthings in female wedding party coifs....) If I thought beforehand that this new experience would be radically different from American weddings, I was wrongly thinking. Love seems to have a universal language, and I heard love that day: in the vows bespoke, in comings and goings, in toasts to the bride and groom and tall tales told. I also saw a very hard working bride who cleaned the hall after all the wedding guests went home.

What surprised me most was the welcome I received. Special mention in the wedding toast (oh yeah!) Friendly smiles, interested inquiries, open ended invitations to visit, copious amounts of tea and my first taste of bangers and mash. A little horseradish was mixed in with the mash. I, alone, ate properly with my fork in my right hand, curved upward. But I will let that tiny detail slide ........ haa ha. Thanks to all who made my day and eve full of warmth, cheer and love.

ps. apologies to mum for not spending more time with you!



soubriquet said...

In case readers are wondering, that is ABSOLUTELY not a traditional English wedding meal...
It was great, the whole thing had masses of good humour going for it.
The Red Dirt Girl was the only one marching in step when it came to fork-holding. Funny, that.

Must mean all we Brits are doing it wrong.

goatman said...

May the weather be fair and the eating agreeable with the expectation.

Probably too cold to swim though?
Perhaps a bit of the old sailing, rather, instead!

red dirt girl said...

Soubry, MY fork is smiling. Enough said.... xxxx!

red dirt girl said...

Hi Goatman!

The eating was better than expected; the weather better than fair; alas, yes, too cold for a swim and no time for a sail ...... sigh. Next time I'm staying longer!