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erin belieu, poet

Cornfield by Maureen Warren


You're mad that I can't love the ocean,

but I've come to this world landlocked
and some bodies feel permanently strange.
Like any foreign language, study it too late and
it never sticks. Anyway,

we're here aren't we? —
trudging up the sand, the water churning
its constant horny noise, an openmouthed heavy

breathing made more unnerving by
the presence of all these families, the toddlers

with their chapped bottoms, the fathers
in gigantic trunks spreading out their dopey
circus-colored gear.

How can anyone relax
near something so worked up all the time?

I know the ocean is glamorous,
but the hypnosis, the dilated pull of it, feels

impossible to resist. And what better reason to
resist? I'm most comfortable in

a field, a yellow-eared patch
of cereal, whose quiet rustling argues for
the underrated valor of discretion.

And above this, I admire a certain quality of
sky, like an older woman who wears her jewels with
an air of distance, that is, lightly,
with the right attitude. Unlike your ocean,

there's nothing sneaky about a field. I like their
ugly-girl frankness. I like that, sitting in the dirt,

I can hear what's coming between the stalks.

~by Erin Belieu

The following is excerpted from her interview at 'How a Poem Happens'

Do you believe in inspiration? How much of this poem was “received” and how much was the result of sweat and tears?

I do believe in inspiration, but really, inspiration and $1.50 is worth a cup of coffee. Everybody’s inspired, aren’t they? It’s getting it on the page where the ditch digging begins. So I carried around this idea about how I wanted to write a poem about how much I mistrust the ocean and how uncomfortable I feel when I go to the beach—any redheaded freckled people who might be reading this know what I’m talking about—and it took some years before the notion gelled with a scene and point-of-view and argument. That vague idea needed an occasion and a stance. So ideas are like asses: everybody has one. I guess I think all the various elements have to gather together and you almost always have to sweat for those. Sometimes you win the poem lottery, but for me the muse doesn’t hand out the free samples very often.



i'm easily amazed ...

now where's that pot of gold ????!


a poetic scarecrow ...

More of That Mitchell and Webb Look. I just love these guys!!


thanatopsis, an excerpt

Turner 'Slave Ship'

All that tread
The globe are but a handful to the tribes
That slumber in its bosom.

~William Cullen Bryant

there is an evening coming in

There is an evening coming in
Across the fields, one never seen before,
That lights no lamps.

Silken it seems at a distance, yet
When it is drawn up over the knees and breast
It brings no comfort.

Where has the tree gone, that locked
Earth to the sky? What is under my hands,
That I cannot feel?

What loads my hands down?

~philip larkin



mitchell and webb

My thanks to Soubriquet for sharing more video therapy with me. Check out That Mitchell and Webb Look on YouTube. Yes. I'm advocating YouTube. Arrrrrrghhhhhhh !


get poppy! be happy!

I love this movie. It's quirky and full of happy in your face no matter how dour or sour a face I pull. Poppy is irrepressible, annoyingly positive and just plain funny. I've been struggling with a year's worth of severe bipolar depression. My doctor is at his wits end. I've had it with psychopharmacology. Maybe movie therapy is the way to go... So come on! Let's get happy go lucky !!


artist, Joseph Lorusso

Evening Begins

In a Poet's Dream


crass ...

A man, enjoying a glass of wine with his girlfriend, thinks to himself: Ahhh - this is GOOD! I'll take a bottle home and share it with my wife...... ?!



trowel x2

after Allen Ginsberg

I have seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by DIY.

~by Tony Curtis
from Answering Back edited by Carol Ann Duffy

In my mulish opinion:
I have seen better minds destroyed by IKEA and the allen wrench!


feeling squirrely ...

“A squirrel is what happens when a regular mouse does crack.” – Keion

Shoebox blog


florence + the machine

Drumming Song

Louder than silence
Louder than bells
Sweeter than heaven
And hotter than hell ...

nice acoustic version here ...*

sing it flo!!

"Lost" - anouk

Love her video - see it here.