trowel x2

after Allen Ginsberg

I have seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by DIY.

~by Tony Curtis
from Answering Back edited by Carol Ann Duffy

In my mulish opinion:
I have seen better minds destroyed by IKEA and the allen wrench!


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Isn't IKEA specifically banned under the Geneva Convention covering cruel and unusual tortures?

soubriquet said...

First thought, "It's very blue..."
More of a bricklayer's trowel than a gardener's. And a cheap one at that, look how the handle and trowel are joined. Yep, that's a D.I.Y. trowel and no mistake.

I am ambivalent about Ikea. I could, quite happily live in a house furnished only from ikea, but visiting the store? AAAARGH!!!

The use of socket-head allen screws is, to my mind, a very good idea. Ikea supply the required tool along with the fixings, but every home should have a battery drill with a set of screwdriver bits encompassing the common allen and torx sizes.
Utilising power tools will take the pain out of assembly.

All ikea stores should have refuges, curtained alcoves, caves of quiet and solitude, where nerves could be unjangled.
People who bring small children into the store, and let them run around screaming should be tasered.

red dirt girl said...

Cosmo - Amen!

Soubry - give me a good philip's head any day...