just because i like it

i was asked to blog something new, today... does this mean i'm becoming (gasp!) blog redundant ? spiritless ? lackluster ? (horrors!) vapid ? and may I ask, "Whose blog is it, anyway ?"


Annelisa said...

Oooo....love these piccies, RDG! They're brilliant!

(As are you, btw...keep on doing your own thing! :-D )


soubriquet said...

I see.
Blogging under protest?

She'd be wise not to enter any sushi bars in that dress...
I would not sit on that bench, unless I had a saw and hatchet in case of emergencies.
"The information stream"?
The sea..... I'd never tire of watching the sea. No chair needed, the rocks are shaped for sitting, listening to the surge and swell, I'll just sit here a while and fall asleep.xxxxx

goatman said...

I love the book flow. Always makes me wonder what the books are when I see such.
I once checked out the books displayed in a bookcase at a Ramada and someone had torn off all the end-bindings with the titles and glued that to a piece of wood about the size needed. What thaaa? Made me wonder what became of the books themselves.

Let your fingers continue to cause flow!

red dirt girl said...

Annelisa!! Hey girlfriend - glad you like the pix!! Hope all is well with you and yours ...xxx!!

Soubry - Sushi-haaa! The bench reminds me of fettucine - yummmm. Books are organic, full of word rivulets....Those chairs are the 'time out' seats. I could use a time out in one of those, I could! xxxx

Goatman - Book-o-cide! Sacrilege! Someone should send an email to Ramada .... I love seeing those photos of books stacked where their titles are arranged to write a poem / statement. What you describe sounds like a child pulling the wings off of butterflies. xxx

goatman said...

Now you have got me looking at my bookshelf with an eye to arrangement as you describe:
"Turn Right At Orion, Journey To Nowhere"
Oh please stop . . .

red dirt girl said...

Goatman - mwahaaaaahaaaaaa! Thanks for the big smile! xxx