this one's for the SISTERHOOD...

Sister's got BLING!


Adullamite said...

No wonder he is wearing that anti-radiation suit.

soubriquet said...

Spinning laser beams directed from rotating jewelled nipple collimators?
Elucidate now, if you would, what an innocent lady like you was doing to have found this man-terrifying image?

soubriquet said...

I was looking at Mr Naugahyde in the background there in his wonderful blue leather-look suit. He'd be in danger if he happened upon a party of pleather, or nauga hunters, looking to reupholster their sofas.

The look on his face suggests he's just farted, and is anticipating the aroma at the only opening in the suit... Face level.

Meanwhile little Miss Lazertitz has that catatonic fixed grin that suggests she's remote-controlled. Zombie Lasertitz?

red dirt girl said...

Adullamite: I believe her instructions read, "Wear hot mitts when removing from oven." :)

Soubry: Funny you should reference my innocence. I WAS just moseying along in the back pasture when this image was BEAMED down to me from ... above! I was blinded by the light. A holy message from the Sister of all sisters! Arrgggghhhh...

Laughing mule shoes off at image of fart in a tin can ... Ms. LT has no batteries, being solar powered and all. xxxx