He's 18 !!!

there he is in the running pack !!

Yep. My oldest 'baby' turned 18! Let me brag just a bit: He's an overachiever. In the top 10 runners on his HS cross country team (he's on this month's cover of Running Times). Scored a perfect score on his math SAT. Has never brought home less than an 'A' on his report cards. Is dry-humored, polite, well-mannered and good company. He calls himself 'the voice of reason.' And I'm a lucky, proud mama-mule !! Hear, Hear to good kids !!



J Cosmo Newbery said...

Brag away! It sounds as if you have much to brag about.

soubriquet said...

Wish him a very happy eighteenth from me.
No wonder his mother's so proud of him, multi-talented, a front-cover athlete, and a gentleman too.

Take a bow yourself, Mama Mule, because what he is now is a product not just of his own making, but of the love and encouragement, the guidance, the support he's had from you in every year of his life.

Adullamite said...

I blame the Mum!

Annie said...

You must have done something right, sweetie! Well done him (and you!)

Popping in from across the pond, and under a different hat...

It's nice to visit when you have something so lovely to say...you must, indeed, be bursting with pride, mama-mule!

Good to see you again...I'll try and visit again (but only if you can guess who! :-D )


Annie said...

btw, I've been looking for you on facebook...are you there?