wild abandon ...

I love abandoned buildings. I grew up across the road from an abandoned farmhouse and barns. I'd regularly prowl through the buildings, looking for the odd old thing: keys, calendars, bits of crockery and such. A farm down the road from us had a lake with an abandoned rowboat. My girlfriend and I would row the boat out and sneak smokes (disgusting!) until the neighbor caught us and called our parents! I especially loved roaming through my grandmother's childhood home, deep in a holler in the west virginia mountains. One summer my mother, aunt and I hiked, literally, over the mountain and through the woods to granny's old house to look for treasures. My aunt had rescued a beautiful oak headboard and refinished it. Boy was I ever envious! I found a calendar on the wall, circa 1920's, and went to take it down from its nail. When I pressed the center, a small BAT fell down onto MY MULE HOOVE. I screamed. The mom screamed. The aunt screamed. You should have seen us all trying to squeeze down the stairs together. We fell laughing in a heap in the front garden. I think that calendar is still there!



soubriquet said...

Beautiful pictures, which I'm not surprised at, at all, because you have an keen eye for such things. I love spiral staircases. The first one, in particular, fascinates me. Where does that door lead to? Look at the wear in the stone steps, imagine how many feet, over how many years, whose feet, going where?
Look at how the central spine of the stair is constructed, how its stone edge becomes a hand grip, look how thick the wall is, the door will be a 3ft door, I'd guess, so the wall's 3-4' thick... I want to go there!

Your story? I laughed too.
Abandoned places, mystery.
Oh yes, I've ventured into boarded up buildings, armed with a faltering torch, or even better, a candle... There are a few I'd like to get into still, but these days they're all plastered with threats of security guards.
When I come to see you with my 103 million pound lottery win, we'll go in a hunt for that calendar. XXX

soubriquet said...

What's through the door?

Adullamite said...

Great pics. And it's a £112 million that I will be winning if you don't mind!