Line Jumpers

molly the mule

Today I was bamboozled by a little old lady. Life in the retail trenches, after Christmas, is all about returns, returns, returns and charm bracelets. So, like many stores, we use the 'pull a number' system to better help our customers. (Truthfully it is because Americans do not understand the concept of 'queuing'.) As a 'seasoned' customer service gal, I'm pretty adept at keeping potential line jumpers at bay. Until the sweet little old lady says to me, "I just have one question..." I KNOW better than to listen. This will not go well for me. So I start with my 'you must wait until your number is called' litany and she brilliantly heads me off at the pass, by saying, "Yes, yes of course. But I just have this one little question ...." Thirty minutes and paperwork later, I'm patting her hand as she apologizes, AGAIN, for jumping the line but so appreciates my help. Wellll .... how can I resist sweet little old ladies ??? Helping them makes for good Karma!!

Happy New Year to all.


I'm poor! I'm poor! yooray, I'm poor!

That'sssss right! I've been officially cleared for patient assistance by a major drug company. That means I's be gettin' my drugs for FREE! I'm ridiculously pleased. Truthfully I hate this particular med and its side effects (unruly weight gain, diabetes risk, high cholesterol etc.) But it has made the difference between a dark, dangerous depression and the oh, all right, I can get out of bed depression. Considering I'm one of the multi who have no health insurance, in a country that has no health care plan, I have to say Thank You to the drug company.

Now, why do I feel like I've just welcomed the Fox into the hen house ?



Really ?

blogging is dead

I'm all set for a good rant about Facebook and the evils of social networking (can anyone say "Farmville" ??) but who am I kidding? I'm a poster child for social awkwardness; can barely keep my blog going; have only a handful of faithful readers; and tend to be rather apathetic. I was on Facebook long ago (2006 i think) before it mushroomed (poison imagery deliberate) and again in 2008. Both runs were short-lived. I couldn't keep up with the constant 'chatter' demand of posting on walls and trying to build up my network. I'm also the gal who has had 9 or 10, now defunct, blogs. Right. Internet ADD. I admit I like the veil of anonymity that blogging allows. I can pontificate without explaining it to my boss tomorrow morning. And yes, I suppose Blogger owns my blog posts, but I can control how much personal information I wish to divulge. Speaking of personal information, here goes: I am fully aware that I am falling far behind the leading edge of cultural technology by not participating in a social network. So be it.
I'm a mule, after all.



holiday greetings from rdg

Happy holidays to my red dirt squadron! I'm busy dishing out happy holiday service to all my customers. So far, i've only had one grouchy grinch: a ten year old little girl !! A special shout out to goatman and dave who mows grass: sending you holiday hugs.
XXX to All !!!


on the holiday list ....



belated happy birthday wishes to Soubriquet !!

(on the holiday wish list)

Land’s End

by Weldon Kees

A day all blue and white, and we
Came out of woods to sand
And snow-capped waves. The sea
Rose with us as we walked, the land
Built dunes, a lighthouse, and a sky of gulls.

Here where I built my life ten years ago,
The day breaks gray and cold;
And brown surf, muddying the shore,
Deposits fish-heads, sewage, rusted tin.
Children and men break bottles on the stones.
Beyond the lighthouse, black against the sky,
Two gulls are circling where the woods begin.

XXXX! Happy Birthday, Soubry


baby it's cold outside

from my favorite holiday movie, Elf
with my favorite comedic actor, Will Ferrel

to listen to Zooey Deschanel sing "Baby It's Cold Outside"