belated happy birthday wishes to Soubriquet !!

(on the holiday wish list)

Land’s End

by Weldon Kees

A day all blue and white, and we
Came out of woods to sand
And snow-capped waves. The sea
Rose with us as we walked, the land
Built dunes, a lighthouse, and a sky of gulls.

Here where I built my life ten years ago,
The day breaks gray and cold;
And brown surf, muddying the shore,
Deposits fish-heads, sewage, rusted tin.
Children and men break bottles on the stones.
Beyond the lighthouse, black against the sky,
Two gulls are circling where the woods begin.

XXXX! Happy Birthday, Soubry


soubriquet said...

Another year older?
Another year wiser?

Nope. I think i'm still stuck at a mental age of about twelve.

Except when I'm being a curmudgeon, which, as I'm sure you'll know, is very very rare.

Lighthouses! Yes, I'm kinda fascinated by lighthouses, I've no idea why. I always wanted to live in a lighthouse, with round rooms, high up in the tower, looking out over the sea. I've never really thought it through, like the drawbacks.... I mean, dragging a vac up to clean all those steps... Hauling everything up the steps...And where will I have a garden, if my house clings to a wave-ravaged rock?
There's no logic to it, nor to me.

In the poem, i liked the first verse, but then it all gets a bit grim and foreboding. Please send it back and have the poet reset it into a cleaner world where the sea breaks with white lace, on pellucid green-glass waves.
No fish-heads on my beach, but wave scoured driftwood, glass-ball net-floats, and a glint of spanish doubloon, in the sand stirred by your footprint.

red dirt girl said...

hmmm, i think 12 yr old boys are endlessly fascinating !! maybe you could use some of that grit and gears to rig up a pulley system in your lighthouse to avoid the stairs....

you're right, the second stanza reads much grimmer in the light of 'day' - my bad for working past my bedtime !!

happy happy wishes, again

red dirt girl said...

ps. the lighthouse is red. just thought i should point that out ..... ;) xxx