Line Jumpers

molly the mule

Today I was bamboozled by a little old lady. Life in the retail trenches, after Christmas, is all about returns, returns, returns and charm bracelets. So, like many stores, we use the 'pull a number' system to better help our customers. (Truthfully it is because Americans do not understand the concept of 'queuing'.) As a 'seasoned' customer service gal, I'm pretty adept at keeping potential line jumpers at bay. Until the sweet little old lady says to me, "I just have one question..." I KNOW better than to listen. This will not go well for me. So I start with my 'you must wait until your number is called' litany and she brilliantly heads me off at the pass, by saying, "Yes, yes of course. But I just have this one little question ...." Thirty minutes and paperwork later, I'm patting her hand as she apologizes, AGAIN, for jumping the line but so appreciates my help. Wellll .... how can I resist sweet little old ladies ??? Helping them makes for good Karma!!

Happy New Year to all.


Adullamite said...

Have you tried shooting them....?

soubriquet said...

Little old ladies were once not old.
She's probably still pulling the same line-jumping stunts as she did when, at eighteen, a sweet smile and a flash of ankle could get her anything.