Really ?

blogging is dead

I'm all set for a good rant about Facebook and the evils of social networking (can anyone say "Farmville" ??) but who am I kidding? I'm a poster child for social awkwardness; can barely keep my blog going; have only a handful of faithful readers; and tend to be rather apathetic. I was on Facebook long ago (2006 i think) before it mushroomed (poison imagery deliberate) and again in 2008. Both runs were short-lived. I couldn't keep up with the constant 'chatter' demand of posting on walls and trying to build up my network. I'm also the gal who has had 9 or 10, now defunct, blogs. Right. Internet ADD. I admit I like the veil of anonymity that blogging allows. I can pontificate without explaining it to my boss tomorrow morning. And yes, I suppose Blogger owns my blog posts, but I can control how much personal information I wish to divulge. Speaking of personal information, here goes: I am fully aware that I am falling far behind the leading edge of cultural technology by not participating in a social network. So be it.
I'm a mule, after all.



Dave Mows Grass said...

I don't have a cell phone. Beat that!

Adullamite said...

Rather a mule than a sheep. My great niece forced me onto these things, and now ignores me! The worry is people find you! I have had to use the 'ignore' button several times.....

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Sound normal to me.

"The Chikkins Is Restless" said...

Danged if i know how a mule's face would fit into a facebook, "Hey, Mule! Why the long face?"

soubriquet said...

Funny how "Time's Person of the Year" is chosen.
They invite readers to vote.
Then ignore them.
One person got three hundred and eighty two thousand votes.
Mark Zuckerman got just eighteen thousand votes.
Nine other people scored significantly more than he did.

That said, in terms of a person's global influence as manifested in the year, it's hard to disagree with the time choice. Everybody else in the world seems to be facebooking or twittering.
I have yet to invent anything that will get me into time's lists.

bulletholes said...

Facebook, yes I am on it everyday, and it has ruined me for both reading and writing. I don't know what I'm doing there, except that I am both heralded and berated because I can actually put to sentences together. I thought I would share some Bulletholes with people that were in the Bulletholes stories. They loved them they hated them they stopped reading them, they come back every day.
They leave the most dipshit comments you ever
But then at my High School Reunion, I was treated like some kind of celebrity.
"So, YOU are Steve! HOW do you write such stories? I love your stories"
Its all a little disconcerting. Its too much attention. And I can't quite tell if they are putting me on because they are laying it on so thick.
But then, a girl, a girl too big to walk , rolls up in a wheelchair. I didn't know her in High School, and on facebook I see her, but she doesn't comment on my stories. She wants to whisper in my ear and she tells me:
"Sometimes I get real depressed and when I do I go and read your stories and they always cheer me up"
You know, its really hard to say 'Fuck it" to the 250 members of my facebook crowd when you have something like that happen.
So I find myself conflicted.

goatman said...

Facebook sucks! Try eliminating yourself from the system once a member! Keeps you on anyway so he can report the high number of idiots participating on his bogus website.

I don 't read Time so they can put Limbaugh on the cover and I couldn't care less.
Reminds me: The Sun Jan issue is on medicine and such and I am now sitting on 6th floor of Barnes Hospital in St. Louis with a view of downtown -- really pretty at night. Will be here for awhile. Still feel fine but intend to stay that way -- hence the procedure.
Hoping your post Holidays are enjoyable once you can get a break from work.

red dirt girl said...

Dave - ok, you got me beat!
Adullamite - precisely my issue with facebook!
Cosmo - I'm going to second that vote ...
Chikkin Restless - go dust off your disco ball and party!
Soubry - you do gritless gears, that should net you some 'faceTime', mwahaa ...
Cowboy - thoughtful and thought provoking, but I'd be swamped with 250 holiday cards to sign and deliver ...
Goatman - Happy Holidays, Goatman. I can't wait to read your personal essay in The Sun ... the one you're writing in your head right now! Keeping the faith ~


GEWELS said...

I love that I have somewhat reconnected with all of my relatives in Italy (on FB). Sharing the pics and salutations makes it worth while for me. Plus, I do tend to be a voyeur so this is a pretty innocent way of peeking into people's lives. And, I get to say Hi to Bulletholes!
Hi Red and Merry Christmas!!!!!! xoxoxo

red dirt girl said...

Happy New Year Gewels !!

The Painting Queen said...

Yea! Someone else who finds facebook totally annoying! It is the stupidest, ugliest and most invasive site. I have a small account to check in on my kids. I dislike the inane posts from most. It is sad for only a few people have anything of interest to share. I hope you continue your blog, it has a sense of humor. That is good. Love the quirky photos.