word of the week: Manscaping

Manscaping: to groom a man.
Shaving, waxing, cleaning up the superfluous fur.
~Urban dictionary.com

related terms include: 'undercarriage' and 'bat wings'



Adullamite said...

Careful with that mower woman!

soubriquet said...

The very word gives me the chills.
I shall not be manscaped... but then again... I get my hair cut. And shave my face. Oh god. partially manscaped. But let the rest be wilderness.
Be-wilderness. Ha. My natural state, bewildered.

I'm still close enough to the cave to prefer smelling of sweat to smelling of something expensive in a nicely packaged bottle. And I will not be waxing any part of my anatomy, ever. Nor mowing any part that's not facial.

Good god, woman, don't you know how a picture like that can traumatise a man? Whirling blades and clattering motors anywhere between navel and knee is a vision of terror.
I dare not glance up the page, for fear I might see that picture again. Have mercy, erase it.