kash kows

The Kardashians made $65 million last year.
Hard to believe this all started with a leaked sextape of Kim Kardashian.
Mama Kris Jenner said she wanted to turn her girls 15 min of shame into 30 minutes of fame and fortune. Boy that lady can make some kind of lemonade!

meet my minions

Another unsung group here at the big Red Dirt Barn - my perky minions. They speak their own unique language. I never know what they are saying, but these little guys stay BUSY!

Okay. Okay. These cute minions are from the animated movie Despicable Me.
Nothing sweeter than spending a Friday night lounging in bed with
the youngest mulette,eating oreo cookies, drinking milk, and watching movies.
He, the youngest mulette, rates Despicable Me, 5 STARS out of 5!
Mama mule gives it 4 stars - a sweet story of a bad guy's change of heart.
Now where are MY minions ???!! I need MINIONS!!



love, love, love this


to my several faithful CHIKKINS

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Chikkins !!! Have I not warned you repeatedly: Do Not Talk to Strangers !! Send that Rotisserie fella packing. His intentions are dark and dire. He's most likely a scout for that rogue Colonel Sanders or maybe the young upstart, Mr. Chik-Fil-A. The cows are in on the masterplot, posing for numerous ads and commercials stating: Eat More Chikkin !!! I even saw a commercial where they were imitating you Chikkins by throwing a party with a Disco Ball. Beware!

I thank you kindly for the Valentine heart and apologize for despoiling your scratchin's. I put extra sweet corn in your feed tonight. Erase rotisserie from your chikkshunnary, pronto, and know that the Red Dirt Barn is a Rotisserie-Free-Zone. The red dirt mule much appreciates her chikkin friends. XXX!

For You, on Valentine's Day ...

I Love How Your Eyes Close Whenever You Kiss Me
And When I'm Away From You I Love How You Miss Me
I Love the Way You Always Treat Me Tenderly
But Darling Most of All I Love How You Love Me

I Love How Your Heart Beats Whenever I Hold You
I Love How You Think of Me Without Being Told To
I Love the Way Your Touch Is Always Heavenly
But Darling Most of All I Love How You Love Me

I Love How Your Eyes Close Whenever You Kiss Me
And When I Am Away From You I Love How You Miss Me
I Love How Your Touch Is Always Heavenly
But Darling Most of All I Love How You Love Me

I Love How You Hug Me
I Love How You Squeeze Me, Tease Me, Please Me
Love How You Love Me
I Love How You Love Me



To my 5 Faithful Readers:

H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E' S D A Y !!!

Hugs and MWAAAHH !!!


florence + the machine: AGAIN

I have to repost this video because i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE florence + the machine and am so psyched they're nominated for the Best New Artist grammy. It'll probably go to that Bieber kid ...


Addendum to step 2 post -

The Boxer Rebellion has its own blog. Song lyrics to If You Run are posted Here. Sorry about the copyrights issue - urghhh. This video is so sweet because of the movie clips from Going the Distance. I love it when they put cake frosting on each other's nose. Do I hear a collective 'Ahhhh'??

In other movie news, I'm looking forward to seeing Gnomeo and Juliet, out this weekend. I'll probably wait for the video .... I'm rooting for the Red hats in case you were wondering .....:) And Julia Roberts has been cast as the queen in a remake of Snow White. I think she'll be fantastic playing the classic evil stepmother archetype.

Romance is in the air. Valentine's hint: I like chocolate with my peanut butter. FYI



step 2: watch romantic comedies

from Going the Distance

If you haven't noticed, I'm writing my own Rx for the wintertime blues. Step 1 called for embracing my inner demons. Yes, I know Aimee Mann is depressing. Just roll with it, I say. Even wallow in it. Next, watch a sweet romantic comedy about long distance love. Let it remind you of how sweet your love actually is. I haven't figured out step 3 yet, but I'm working on it.

Addendum to my Really? post regarding Time's Man of the Year. Yes, I watched the film The Social Network. No, it doesn't make me want to jump on the facebook wagon. And I have a sneaky suspicion where the game 'farmville' came from .... its origins ain't pretty. You can be the youngest billionaire in the world and still be one of the loneliest guys on the planet. Let me give credit where it's due: I met my beloved blogging. Then I MET my beloved. And without cell phones and Skype and airplanes I'm not sure how we'd survive. But I definitely, confidently, can say that real one on one face time beats out any other media in conducting a relationship. Okay Mark Zuckerberg. Write an algorithm for that!