step 2: watch romantic comedies

from Going the Distance

If you haven't noticed, I'm writing my own Rx for the wintertime blues. Step 1 called for embracing my inner demons. Yes, I know Aimee Mann is depressing. Just roll with it, I say. Even wallow in it. Next, watch a sweet romantic comedy about long distance love. Let it remind you of how sweet your love actually is. I haven't figured out step 3 yet, but I'm working on it.

Addendum to my Really? post regarding Time's Man of the Year. Yes, I watched the film The Social Network. No, it doesn't make me want to jump on the facebook wagon. And I have a sneaky suspicion where the game 'farmville' came from .... its origins ain't pretty. You can be the youngest billionaire in the world and still be one of the loneliest guys on the planet. Let me give credit where it's due: I met my beloved blogging. Then I MET my beloved. And without cell phones and Skype and airplanes I'm not sure how we'd survive. But I definitely, confidently, can say that real one on one face time beats out any other media in conducting a relationship. Okay Mark Zuckerberg. Write an algorithm for that!



soubriquet said...

I just watched The Social Network. It, surprisingly, left me none the wiser as to what the appeal of facebook might be.
None of the people in the movie was in the least bit like anybody I'd want to call a friend.
I don't know what farmville is, either, only that I hear people spend large amounts of their time doing it.

Your video is not playable in england, blocked on copyright grounds.

I vote for human interaction too.

goatman said...

Step 3: wait patiently for that surprise!

It'll come

Adullamite said...

I played Farmville, does this mean I am a lonely millionaire?

bulletholes said...

Facetime...oh yeah baby! Or knee-to-knee time! Thats the best!
Hey Red!

red dirt girl said...

Soubry: xxxx! YouTube-argggghhhh!

Goatman: me, patient ??

Adullamite: if you have a million, i can suggest some ways to cure the lonely - hehhhehheh... So what in the heck IS Farmville. I hear you get friends to buy animals for you, which, in my mind, translates to more dollars in the Facebook pocket.

Cowboy: toe to toe is tops! Hey Cowboy!