coffee talk

I've been absent from the blogs for a while. I ran out of topics. I forgot I needed to laugh at myself. Faithful Readers - I was so SERIOUS. Bipolar depression is very hard to treat, medically and cognitively. I have a great doctor, who, bless his sorry little heart, has been slowly pulling meds out my 'cocktail' recipe. I will say, positively, that I am now contemplating the day where I might be able to fly solo: drug free. Realistically, I need a mood stabilizer to keep me, well, stabilized. So, I've been busy contemplating my navel ...

My days are a mix of children, shopgirl career and TWO dogs. Yes. I admit. In a state of slight mania, I allowed my children to talk me into adopting a pound pup. Shilah is a 35 lb. Greyhound mix and is living proof (in my ex.'s mind) that I'm a nutcase. She and I need more exercise than we both are currently getting - so nix the idea that I was going to walk the dogs daily and it would be a good idea to have an extra playmate for Oscar the hound dog dachshund ...

I think I have a truncated case of empty nest syndrome. My oldest mulette is successfully graduated from high school and has enrolled for his first semester of college: UT Austin. go longhorns ?! My middle mulette is a 16 yr. old ball of fire. She steals her older brother's car keys, is joined at the hip to not one girlfriend but three, yes 3! special girlfriends that she can't live without and has a job. And the youngest mulette was voted Most Artistic in his class. I attribute this to his budding entrepreneurial mind: he began drawing cartoon figures for his classmates at a price, 5 cents per drawing, or for a sweet dessert traded at lunchtime. Unfortunately his teacher did not view his activity as a sign of positive economic growth - and shut his business down. Pah!

As a confessing shopgirl, I'm still learning to be more assertive with customers: No m'am. If you have worn this particular item for the last 3 months EVEN THOUGH it did not fit you, you CANNOT RETURN it for cash back ... arggghh! We have a new Point of Sale system that has required me to prove that old mules can still do tricks. I was recently 'talked to' because I'm 'too sweet' and have been seen listening to the trouble making token male employee. Trouble making token male has been talking trash and this has caused DRAMA. I've been advised to not listen and walk away ... am I in grade school again ???? Geesh!

Currently I'm listening to Adele's Turning Tables; reading Rebecca Wells' The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder; and looking forward to a mid-summer's visit from across the pond ...

hugs and xxx!

Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence,
and I learn, whatever state I may be in,
therein to be content.

~ Helen Keller



The Black Keys - Howlin' for You



oh, to be ten again!

My youngest mulette is ten years old and
(i thank lucky and unlucky stars)
he still retains a young mule's humour.
He recently shared this video with me:

Considering all the crapola he could be watching on the inter-tent,
I'm happy he has a pea thing going on.
He also says check out 'The Duck Song' on YouTube.

An aside: Yesterday was the last day of school, and my little mulette came home and told me he and his friends decided to ask the girls of their fevered crushes to 'go out' with them.

I believe 'going out' is a modern take on the 'going steady' from my school days oh so long ago

The entire group of boys were turned down by the girls. haa. It starts young these days. My youngest refused to be deflated. He claims he knows the secret to his love's heart: being a funny guy. Oh to be ten, again !!!