oh, to be ten again!

My youngest mulette is ten years old and
(i thank lucky and unlucky stars)
he still retains a young mule's humour.
He recently shared this video with me:

Considering all the crapola he could be watching on the inter-tent,
I'm happy he has a pea thing going on.
He also says check out 'The Duck Song' on YouTube.

An aside: Yesterday was the last day of school, and my little mulette came home and told me he and his friends decided to ask the girls of their fevered crushes to 'go out' with them.

I believe 'going out' is a modern take on the 'going steady' from my school days oh so long ago

The entire group of boys were turned down by the girls. haa. It starts young these days. My youngest refused to be deflated. He claims he knows the secret to his love's heart: being a funny guy. Oh to be ten, again !!!



Gary's third pottery blog said...

:) I was sorry to hear about your older sons' plans derailed by their sh!thead father. I am sure you will be glad to have him closer to home, but fuch, NOT GO TO Duke or Cornell?

soubriquet said...

Q: What's brown and sticky?

soubriquet said...

A: A stick!!!!!


Hey, some of us never stopped being ten!

bulletholes said...

He's on the right track, definitely!

goatman said...

I love the Duck Song. Hey , you did that on purpose!

Dave Renfro said...

Here's my boy's favorite:


You're tops, mule friend!