Independence, Texas



the countdown ...

And so it begins, those last hours and minutes and seconds before he arrives - ARGGGGHH! Yes, somewhere over the Atlantic, Soubriquet and his trusty duffel are traveling to see ME in TEXAS! I'm so excited and frankly in a dead on PANIC. Two nights ago, I could not sleep -at all! 3 am found me hanging pictures on the wall. After a full day of work yesterday, I came home and finished cleaning the kitchen. This morning it was up at 7am to finish cleaning the rest of the house. And I thought traveling was hard work. All those visits to England, the packing and planning, the loonngg trip, multiple airports and crying babies, I thought the journey was the hard part. Now I have new respect for how he must have felt: the waiting, the anticipation, watching the clock, the PANIC, 'Does the house look clean enough? Do I have something for dinner? Darn, I forgot to buy sugar for tea... Forget the stairs, they will just have to do. I must get to the airport early - don't want him to wait and panic LIKE ME!!'

He has had the chance to see me outside my element, now he gets to know me in my native state: working gal, single mom of 3, dog owner. Time will go by too quickly - there's so much I want to show him, experience with him - including introducing him to my children and a quick visit to Georgia to meet the rest of the fam .... Yes, it will be a jam-packed visit and I'm over-the-moon happy. Wish us well!



for the sisterhood ...

gives new meaning to the phrase: Losing one's marbles



Andrew Wyeth

Eugenio Montejo

In the depths of a woman's body

a house is constructed

amidst murmurs and pauses.

There are shadows of stones to collect,

fragile scaffolds, in this act

of imitating the sparrow.

Above all when she sleeps,

smiling in dreaming—

to survey her completely

don't wake her up;

trace the slope of her hips,

the sweep of her hands.

Along the dunes containing her dream,

those turbulent settings,

high walls are raised

to keep out the rain, and the wind,

year after year.

A gesture sometimes informs a wall;

from a whisper a window is born;

and after wandering we dismount at the door

and tie up the horse.

In the depths of her body the house

awaits, the table fitted with plain

words for living, or for dying perhaps,

no one can say—

nobody who enters ever leaves.

Translated from the Spanish by Kirk Nesset

my thanks to Soubriquet for the poetic find!


the incredible shrinking machine

Confessions of a Shopgirl
Part 2
I confess: I almost didn't write this post. But the incident I want to share with you is SO FUNNY, I must reveal: I work for a jewelry store. And at our special jewelry store we do BIG BUSINESS in charm bracelets. We stock hundreds of charms and much of our business centers around customers leaving their bracelets to have charms soldered on, clasps refurbished, charms polished etc. You too, Faithful Readers, would be surprised at the INTENSITY customers bring to the maintenance of their charm bracelets.

So.... now that you know the back story, here's what happened NO LIE one evening last week:

Shopgirl: Hi M'am. How can I help you this evening?
Customer: I'm here to pick up my charm bracelet. I was having some charms soldered.
Shopgirl: Here you go, m'am (laying out charm bracelet)
customer picks up bracelet and tries to slip it on over her hand.
Customer: OMG! You SHRUNK my bracelet.
customer frantically tries to fit bracelet over her hand.
Customer: SEE! LOOK! It used to roll right on.
shopgirl patiently leans over counter and UNCLASPS the bracelet so it rolls over customer's hand
Shopgirl: No m'am. It still fits.
Customer: (turning pink, laughs weakly) Well, um, yes, I see now ....


Red Dirt Mule and her cohorts: Sound of much snorting and laughing incoherently...

Hey 'Shopgirl' - didn't you read the label that said Do Not Place in Dryer???
Hey 'Shopgirl' - let me know when the machine is warmed up, 'cause I've got some problem areas I want to shrink .....

yes, well, it was a slow night in the retail biz