the countdown ...

And so it begins, those last hours and minutes and seconds before he arrives - ARGGGGHH! Yes, somewhere over the Atlantic, Soubriquet and his trusty duffel are traveling to see ME in TEXAS! I'm so excited and frankly in a dead on PANIC. Two nights ago, I could not sleep -at all! 3 am found me hanging pictures on the wall. After a full day of work yesterday, I came home and finished cleaning the kitchen. This morning it was up at 7am to finish cleaning the rest of the house. And I thought traveling was hard work. All those visits to England, the packing and planning, the loonngg trip, multiple airports and crying babies, I thought the journey was the hard part. Now I have new respect for how he must have felt: the waiting, the anticipation, watching the clock, the PANIC, 'Does the house look clean enough? Do I have something for dinner? Darn, I forgot to buy sugar for tea... Forget the stairs, they will just have to do. I must get to the airport early - don't want him to wait and panic LIKE ME!!'

He has had the chance to see me outside my element, now he gets to know me in my native state: working gal, single mom of 3, dog owner. Time will go by too quickly - there's so much I want to show him, experience with him - including introducing him to my children and a quick visit to Georgia to meet the rest of the fam .... Yes, it will be a jam-packed visit and I'm over-the-moon happy. Wish us well!



goatman said...

He is not coming for the house!
My second thought is: The heat, The heat, my kingdom for the North Sea.

You will have a great time, enjoy.

Bulletholes said...

You crazy kids! Have a nice visit!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Good luck!