road trippin' with an englishman

and a few wild mulettes

all photos courtesy of Soubriquet

So I persuaded the Englishman to take a road trip to Georgia with me and my wild mulettes. No matter how we sliced it, this was a 14 hour odyssey across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. And we did the trip twice in one week! He was ever so good: no complaining. No heavy sighing. Ok, maybe a few sighs. He stayed awake and kept me company. The fam loved him. What an 'ossum' guy!

downtown Newnan, Georgia

Mobile Bay Delta bridge, Alabama

You know you're in Louisiana ...

Baton Rouge and the Mississippi Bridge, Louisiana

the wild mulettes

the mighty Mississippi River

riverboat casinos

Texas at sundown


Ossum Guy said...

Road trip? It was more of a long cruise, with regular sharking by mule-team scrabble-hustlers.

goatman said...

I like that last shot.
Hit a bump?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Brave guy. Foolhardy perhaps but definitely brave.

soubriquet said...

Not a brave guy, just a dedicated one! Wouldn't want to have missed a minute of it all.