soubry likes pink houses

a house Soubriquet liked in Senoia, GA

In my earlier post entitled "Little Pink Houses" I erroneously implied that whilst Soubriquet was busy photographing rusty trucks, I was begging for cute little house pics. Well, I was wrong. Soubriquet has informed me that he photographed the houses because he likes them. AND he would have photo'd more if I had slowed down the car a bit and driven him around more small towns than I did. I apologize for this misunderstanding. I, in fact, like rusty old trucks very much as well. And I am looking forward to Soubriquet's posts on houses and rusty old cars (nudge, nudge). I hope this puts the lid on any further discussion of 'Who likes what the best ....'



soubriquet said...

Oh god.
By a poet.

Yes, he likes houses. Not so much the pink... but pastel coloured houses, with porches, balconies, white trim, varying roof-lines, houses that look interesting, as though they might have a tale or two to tell, he's a guy who's more drawn to older houses than new ones, and old barns and sheds.
Rusty cars post coming soon.

gz said...