a tale of two blogs

I could actually entitle this post "A Tale of MANY Blogs." I started blogging in early summer 2006 having discovered it from my boss at the time. He showed me how to start one up on Blogger and away I went. My first blog was called 'The Sojourner's Table" which quickly morphed into "The Sojourner's Late Night Drive-Thru" as I did most of my then blogging late late at night. For reasons too varied and complicated, I have started and 'killed' more blogs than I can name.

"Through the Garden Gate" has stuck with me since 2009. I think it is here to stay though I did come close to committing blogocide during the worst of my depression last year. I'm glad I didn't. However, I do have a few blogging interests that have stayed with me through the years; hence, the birth of two additional blogs: Lola's Loves and Red Dirt Girl.

I've had many variations of Lola's Loves through the years. It is a blog that celebrates sensuality. I guess you can say it has been exploration of my own sensuality as I have grown and changed. It is erotic but not pornographic. Yes, there is nudity, erotic poetry, humour and an exploration of eros. I admit, sometimes it is a wee bit naughty. The blog includes images that I find beautiful and compelling; poetry that speaks to my inner self. I don't advertise the blog and rarely do I comment on it. I consider it to be a personal erotic journal. I'm finally 'coming clean' and describing this blog to you, my faithful readers, because I'm attempting to integrate all these disparate parts of myself. The reason I don't integrate its themes into Through a Garden Gate is simply because I have school age children who would be MORTIFIED if they perused mom's erotic blog! You can find a link to Lola's Loves in my sidebar. It's not everyone's cup of tea and that's okay.

Red Dirt Girl is under construction and a LABOR OF LOVE! My favorite blog of all time was a blog entitled Red Dirt Girl. It had two sections: one section featured my own poetry and the other section, my favorite couture shoes. It was a hoot of a blog, and the majority of my current readers came from the original Red Dirt Girl. From 2006 to about 2008, I had a very prolific run of writing poetry. When I killed the poetry blog, I lost a number of poems I had written because I did not back up the blog / print it out etc. I have a number of poems still existing on my laptop. However, I have this irrational fear that one day this computer will crash and most of my poems will crash into oblivion with it. So I am beginning to post my poetry at Red Dirt Girl. And I love finding images to go with the poetry. All the poems on Red Dirt Girl are original and my own. So yes, it is copyrighted by K.Reyes /a.k.a Red Dirt Girl. As I have time, I might go back and annotate the poems, give a little background into what inspired the images. For now, I'm just trying to get the poems uploaded. You can find a link to Red Dirt Girl in my sidebar. I will respond to comments left on that blog.

Sidebars on both new blogs are located at the bottom of the pages and have links to bring you back to Through a Garden Gate. I hope you take a moment to peruse and enjoy!



gz said...

glad to see you still blogging and writing.

There are a few beautiful blogs I've stumbled across, then found that that was the last entry.

I need to back up and print out!
It was bad enough losing all my "bookmarks" when The Wizzard updated The Carpenter's computer...

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Really good to see you alive and well.

red dirt girl said...


Oh how I moan the loss of so many blog posts, poems, cool images .... not to mention comments from dear readers. I, too, have stumbled across blogs I like only to find they are defunct. With facebook / twitter so many of my blogging friends have given up on their blogs. And I just don't have the time nor inclination to jump into the social networking fray. Blogging suits me. Yes! back up, back up or print out your pages. One day you'll be very pleased you did. Thanks for the comment!


red dirt girl said...

Cosmo ~

Thank you for sticking by me through all my permutations and for the well wishes. Cliched as it is: I'm taking all this one day at a time. Some days are better than others. But I'm still here! Good to read your comments!!


goatman said...

I have deleted, I think, three blog posts and I remember them over some I hadn't. It may be best just to add-to , let it flow and let it be. So that an archive of life and thought exists.

Easily said, I know.

red dirt girl said...

that's what i regret most - the loss of continuity of my life and thoughts over the last 5 years. See, one of my blogs made front and center in the discovery papers of my divorce. It was quite nasty and left me paranoid for years. Hence the killing off of popular blogs and then hiding my blogging activities.


Bulletholes said...

That was such a crazy time for RDG. And all those EMail addresses. The stupid thing is there really wasn't anything there!
And you were like always the most fun of all the blog people!

red dirt girl said...

Thank you cowboy. I've lost my fun somewhere in all that craziness, but I'm hoping it will come back to me. Thanks for sticking by - even when you were NAMED in the divorce papers! hahahahha.


Bullets said...

It was those sexy menu's I used to make up for you. I can just hear the cross-exam where they ask you "What is this Shoe-Fly Pie? Some kind of code for a new sex move?"

You'll get your fun back. Seems like its just right there, just under the surface.

soubriquet said...

I've always regretted the passing of those blogs. After all, we met on one of them.

red dirt girl said...


Me too, sweetheart. Me too ...