bits and pieces

These are a few 'leftover' photos from Soubriquet's trip to Texas this summer. He's behind the camera on all; I just did a wee bit of editing! They remind me of happy times.

Tucked away behind the high rises of downtown Houston ...

He always manages to spy a dragon or two for me!

You can take the man out of England, but the curious boy travels!
Pipes? Really?

A good selection of lassos to round up yer mule in Brenham.

And a warm blanket for yer mule on a cold Texas night!

The broken pot cemetery at the Antique Rose Emporium, Independence, TX.
'Rest in Pieces' 'Cracked Up' 'Died Broke'

MORE rusty trucks .... Independence, TX

downtown Brenham, TX, very quaintly western

Newnan, GA - my home town!

I love the varied architecture of my home town.

The county courthouse in downtown Newnan, GA.
It survived the War of Aggression ...

Newnan skyline at dusk. I just liked this pic.



gz said...

He has a good eye with the camera!
That last one is good.

Makes me wish I'd gone with my sons when they went to Houston with the cycling club to race on Alkek track

J Cosmo Newbery said...

The pipe, the pipes are calling...

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh nice, esp the courthouse!

Adullamite said...

"They remind me of happy times." What, when you shoved him back on the plane....?

goatman said...

Nice pics!
It would be neat to put a new engine and tires on one of those old trucks, some headlights and brake shoes , get some plates and drive it around all rusty and oldy like that.

soubriquet said...

Hey Mule!XXX Laterly I'll do some more collaborative annotating, but i have to go out to the office for a meeting with Ken.....

Goatman! My thoughts entirely! Over here, rust destroys from below, from inside, yet the tx rusties looked solid, just a little eroded.

red dirt girl said...

@gz~ Yes, I liked the last pic the best, I think. He has a good eye, indeed (but I'm the better photo editor - he hasn't the patience for subtlety.) I wouldn't necessarily put Houston on the must-see list of American cities, BUT, within a few hours drive, there are some very beautiful towns and countryside to see. You probably saved yourself from either cold and wet or wet and suffocatingly hot days!

@Cosmo ~ oh geesh, not another boy traveler in the midst .... I bet you'd want to spend a day inside a hardware store, too, wouldn't you ...!

@Gary ~ Hi! I rather like our old courthouse, too. It's been spiffed up since the last time I was home. Sadly all the old oak trees surrounding it were taken out and replaced with younger trees ..... the ways of the world, sigh..!

@Adullamite! ~ How shocking! Really, I don't know what happened. I offered him free room and board; a warm, dog-free bed; an air-conditioned chauffeured car; AND i took him to his favorite hardware store THREE times and patiently walked the entire store with him as he oogled....And still he left me. Sigh.

Do you think 3 kids, 2 dogs, a 28-hour road trip and meeting the parents was maybe a bit too much for the man ??? I'm still trying to figure it out .....:)

@goatman ~ our thoughts exactly! We wanted to fix up the trucks but keep the rusty patina. It's so cool! Hey - weren't you the one warning me about fixing up old cars and trucks ????

@Soubry ~ Ok. So get on with it, man. Let's read some of that creative annotating. You ARE the creator of these photos (well done, btw). xxxx


soubriquet said...

"He has a good eye, indeed (but I'm the better photo editor - he hasn't the patience for subtlety.)" WHAT?!
How can you say such a treacherous untruth? Gnahhhhhhh!!!!

goatman said...

Fixing up old cars and trucks is a great idea only if you are doing it! I can offer advice and provide tools and good thoughts though.

soubriquet said...

My annotations are now posted.
I did it in the form of a blogpost, which is the only way I could figure out how to do text whilst looking at the pics.



red dirt girl said...

WHOA- Technicolor editing! Thank you for the annotations. They make the photos so much more personal. Simple man ??? Anything but .... though you do have an eye for the unusual and funny.


Anonymous said...

Heres a great set of church signs....All rocks go to heaven


Anonymous said...

click on "All Rocks"

red dirt girl said...

Cowboy! That was AWESOME !!! thanks for the link and the smiles!!