the curious case of missing frogs' legs

Scientists think they have resolved one of the most controversial environmental issues of the past decade: the curious case of the missing frogs' legs.

Around the world, frogs are found with missing or misshaped limbs, a striking deformity that many researchers believe is caused by chemical pollution.

However, tests on frogs and toads have revealed a more natural, benign cause.

The deformed frogs are actually victims of the predatory habits of dragonfly nymphs, which eat the legs of tadpoles.

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Adullamite said...

Dragonfly nymphs? I have read it is lonely princesses (who deserve to be lonely I say) who are responsible for these atrocities!

red dirt girl said...


You can't believe everything you read is truth! It's those dragonfly nymphs! Honest.


soubriquet said...

How do you explain the ones with MORE than two legs? Who's doing that? Or is it evolution preparing frogs for princess encounters with multiple redundancy?
Now of course, evolution, if that was the plan, you've got it wrong, because princesses are entitled, in more ways than one. They won't stop at two legs, they'll harvest the lot. And there'll be no wheelchair. And if there were a wheelchair, and you became a paralympic jock, and your arm muscles bulked up, like, like thighs attached to your shoulders, then fear the rustling of skirts, the tinkle of tiaras, she'll be back, having got a taste, for your arms.

Oh yes, my fine frogs, it's time for revolution. It's time for change. I know your frogwomen are not comely, but hey, just stop, cease with all that kissing of princesses. Surely even frogs have a cross-species taboo? See? you're just being punished for breaking the unwritten law of frogdom.
Hey-ho, said Anthony Rowley.