street sign furniture

from RDG:
Okay, Okay. It might not be the most comfortable looking of furniture, but think about what a conversation piece it would be in the garden, on the patio - a place where it would weather and age like all good road signage does. Plus I personally like the bowls and spoons and could see myself happily munching my cornflakes out of them each morning. The bright colors make me smile!

From his website:

"Boris Bally's award-winning work is both witty and innovative employing the use of jeweler's skills on non-precious materials. His current body of work transforms recycled street signs, weapon parts, and a wide variety of found materials into objects for reflection. These pieces celebrate raw American street-aesthetic in the form of objects, often useful, for the home and the body."

by Boris Bally

go green!


Bullets said...

When I was a little boy the neighbors had a sign in their driveway that said "Deliveries in Rear".
Wouldn't that make a great headboard?

red dirt girl said...

Aw man, I'd have to BUY that headboard ....;)