Best Bumper Sticker of the Week

One of the things that I admire about Soubriquet is his attentiveness to the odd and humourous details of the world around him. He always catches on to something quite funny or eccentric long before I catch up to him and see it too. So, as I tend to spend the better part of my life in my car, I've started trying to be more attentive to funny bumper stickers. Unlike Soubriquet, however, I do not even know where the camera is on my new cell phone, much less use it as I'm driving and THEN upload the photos onto my laptop. Instead, I just repeat the funny line over and over to remember it and then go and GOOGLE the bumper sticker!! How did I ever live without the ability to GOOGLE ???

I saw this bumper sticker on my way to work this evening, next to an IMPEACH OBAMA sticker and TEXANS FOR ARIZONA: supporting the new illegal immigration laws. I decided fairly quickly that I wouldn't want to tangle with the driver of that truck! But this bumper sticker made me smile:

And last week's best bumper sticker winner was found on a car at my psychiatrist's office. It made me laugh, which is always helpful before seeing your shrink:



Gary's third pottery blog said...

THIS vegetarian, me, has always like the bumper sticker "vegetarians taste better" :)

soubriquet said...

"Save a Horse - Ride a Cowboy!"

goatman said...

I liked the one I saw years ago: "Honk if I'm an Aggie".

red dirt girl said...

Gary~ undoubtedly!

Soub~ which cowboy ??

goatman~ grrr! with my eldest at UT Austin, the Aggies are our biggest rivals ...


soubriquet said...

In Britain, Aggies are little old ladies.

In your case NO COWBOYS! It was a bumper-sticker, not an exhortation to you to misbehave with steer-ropers.

Pauline said...

"If Texas women really shot their own snakes, RP wouldn't be rattling around much anymore."


"An Obama in the hand is worth two Bushes."

and my all time favorite,

"I'm a dirt lovin' tree hugger."

Adullamite said...

Texas folks shooting something? How unusual!

red dirt girl said...

Hi Pauline! RP ...?? would that be Rick Perry???

I like the Obama/Bushes one! Bet it's outlawed in Texas ...!!

Adullamite~ do I detect a note of sardonic humour in that comment???