living on the buckle of the bible belt

Living in the Bible Belt, I tend to not notice such things as message boards in front of churches - there are so many! But on the way to Brenham, TX with Soubry, we passed a church right outside of the Woodlands that had on its sign the following message:

Don't Worry!
Moses was a Basket Case Too!

We both thought this was pretty funny, but I couldn't slow down fast enough for a pic, so Soubry wrote the message down in his little notebook. About 30 minutes later, we passed The Cowboy Church. I've heard a lot about this church since its beginnings, but I've never visited it. This is what Wikipedia has to say about the cowboy church phenomenon:

"Cowboy churches are local Christian churches within the cowboy culture that are distinctively Western heritage in character. A typical cowboy church may meet in a rural setting in a barn, metal building, arena, sale barn, or old western building, have its own rodeo arena, and a country gospel band. Baptisms are generally done in a stock tank. The sermons are usually short and simple. Some cowboy churches have covered arenas where rodeo events such as bull riding, team roping, ranch sorting, team penning and equestrian events are held on weeknights."

Not surprisingly, there are over 750 cowboy churches in the state of Texas alone, according to the website Cowboy Churches Net.

One of the things Soubry noted whilst driving around the Woodlands was the fact that there was a church on every street corner .... practically! Which is true. Whatever your flavor, we even have a new Hindu Temple. The following pix are culled from the intertent. I'm certain many have been seen before, but I thought these to be pretty funny. A good church should have a correspondingly good sense of humour! (Though I wonder if these messages were MEANT to be amusing or were accidental ....!)



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I had seen most of them but the last one got a good laugh!

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Indeed, ARRRRRRRRRR to all my pirate friends!