Monster: a simile poem

A guest post written by the Youngest Mulette


Teeth as black as coal,
And a nasty, scary soul.

Hair as long as sticks,
And nails like tooth picks.

A body size like a king sized bed,
And feet like Mighty Joe Young's head.

Eyes as red as devil's blood,
And muscles as hard as a metal stud.

Ears as big as saucepan lids,
And a mighty roar like screaming kids.

~ by the youngest mulette


gz said...


Adullamite said...

Is it about Soub.....?

soubriquet said...

That kid needs to eat less cheese if he's having those dreams!

soubriquet said...

"Is it about Soub", indeed. Grrr

goatman said...

Very nice. I like the "nasty scary soul".
I have known people with that!

red dirt girl said...

Thanks to all for commenting. He was so excited that I was posting his poem. He told me that I was going to make him famous, and he could not wait to read the comments.

~gz: xxxooo!

~adullamite: you're such a wag ...(did i say that correctly ????)

~Soubry: he's not eating cheese, he's watching too much TV !!!

~goatman: Thank you. I liked the 'roar like screaming kids' bit and the saucepan lids for ears ... well gosh,
i liked it all and feel immensely proud. He's only just turned 11.


Adullamite said...

He requires more practice, so one a week/month might be good.

red dirt girl said...


He took your comment to heart and wrote another...
will be posting shortly.