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When I walk in,
men buy me drinks before I even reach the bar.

They fall in love with me after one night,
even if we never touch.

I tell you I've got this shit down to a science.

They sweat with my memory,
alone in cheap rooms they listen

to moans through the wall
and wonder if that's me,

letting out a scream as the train whines by.

But I'm already two states away, lying with a boy
I let drink rain from the pulse at my throat.

No one leaves me, I'm the one that chooses.
I show up like money on the sidewalk.

Listen, baby. Those are my high heels dangling from the
phone wire.

I'm the crow flapping down,
that's my back slip

you catch sight of when the pain
twists into you so deep

you have to close your eyes and weep like a goddamned

More about Kim Addonizio, here
and at her website, here.



Alberto Granados said...

Reading poetry in a different language is too dificult. I lose the scent of the poem. So sorry!


gz said...


goatman said...

I have used this a couple of times -- it can be put on your blog for others to use:

still absorbing the poem . . . .

Adullamite said...

Thinks a lot of herself don't she.....

red dirt girl said...

Hello AG ~ Alas! I understand your plight. I've added a translation widget in the sidebar so that you can read my blog in spanish. However, it is difficult with poetry - a word for word translation does not equal a translation that includes images and ideas .... the scent of a poem. My apologies.


red dirt girl said...

gz ~ xxx!

red dirt girl said...

goatman ~ thank you for the excellent suggestion. I've added the widget to all my blogs. I still have a google toolbar with the translation tab in it... guess I figured everyone had one of those. This makes it much easier for my foreign readers.

Let the poem sink its teeth into you ... !


red dirt girl said...

Hi Adullamite ~ Well, there's the poet and then there's the poem .... not necessarily are all poems autobiographical. So ... yes, this is a poem about a woman who is super confident in the company of men (and probably women as well). And she bites, too.


soubriquet said...

I'm a fan of Kim Addonizio's poems, and I agree with you that poems, like novels, may not necessarily be autobiographical, but may express an inner yearning, perhaps, for a persona not not the poet's own. I see in these poems Addonizio trying out two different poersonae, the red dress one is about costume, about make-believe, if she can have that red dress, then she will be that person, she will be imbued with the qualities the red dress expresses.
In this poem, we see the woman she wishes to be. Alpha female. Back off, weaker beings!

And then we see the photograph of the writer...
No disrespect intended, but in this pic she looks less an all-conquering amazon than a startled chipmunk.

goatman said...

Soub: That is just a guise, she is ready to bite.

red dirt girl said...

I might be stepping out on a limb here, but the sexiest woman in the room isn't always necessarily the most beautiful, prettiest, best body... It's the woman who has confidence in herself and her sexuality, who knows the power of her sensuality.


soubriquet said...

Startled chipmunks are the most bity.