kay ryan

paintings by Odilon Redon

Chinese Foot Chart
~ by Kay Ryan

Every part of us
alerts another part.
Press a spot in
the tender arch and
feel the scalp
twitch. We are no
match for ourselves
but our own release.
Each touch
uncatches some
remote lock. Look,
boats of mercy
embark from
our heart at the
oddest knock.

from The Best of It


Adullamite said...

Nice pics!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Yes, we all have remote controls and triggers. No, I'm not telling you what mine are.

red dirt girl said...

Yes, Redon is one of my favorites!

red dirt girl said...

That's just fine, Cosmo. I like men of mystery...

goatman said...

We are taught of every impulse going to and fro at the head for processing-- brain central.
Always seemed simplistic and mechanistic to me, appealing to the logic therefore nodable.
But as time goes on we seem to learn that other is possible: cross processing, errant signals and electrical impulses to who knows where. And to what end? And why an end?

The Chinese may have something here besides mass production.

red dirt girl said...

I agree, goatman. The more I am 'treated' for my mental condition, the less 'absolute' the diagnosis has become and the more ambiguous the origin and treatments have become. I've always believed in holistic health though I have not practiced it. Mind, spirit and body ... all interconnected by those elusive impulses.


soubriquet said...

I didn't comment before, but I do know something about the way that sensations from certain areas of the feet travel and are processed, and the way in which they influence other areas.
And I have ticklish feet.
Mad crazy kick you in the face uncontrollable spasm type ticklish feet.

red dirt girl said...

Would you care to elaborate, Soubry?

I'm noting that your feet are weapons of facial deconstruction ...