my inspirational 'go to' list ...

Adullamite has tagged me for The Versatile Blogger Award, which comes with among other things, a meme of 7 things about me to complete and post. He is most sweet in selecting me and I thank him. I gave up on blog awards some time ago when Soubry and I had great fun in making and producing our own award banners and then posting them on our blogs. This activity confused some of my faithful readers who began congratulating me on all my fine achievements! One award I've kept is the Hot Mule Award of 2010, seen in my sidebar.

I gave up on personal memes about 5 years ago when a particular meme of mine, 10 crazy things about me, popped up all photocopied and notated in a deposition hearing during my embittered and long divorce. So instead of sharing 7 things about me and picking 15 people to pass this award on to, I will share with you 7 places I like to visit in the blogosphere. These blogs provide me with inspiration, quotables, beautiful images, thought provoking articles, poetry and always a smile or two.

1. Crashingly Beautiful ~ a tumblr blog that combines great quotes, poetry, evocative images and links to other interesting tumblr blogs. It was the first tumblr blog that I had ever visited and springboarded me into this whole new world of image and sound-bite blogs.

2. the beauty we love ~ a gorgeous blog of images and poetry and philosophy. I generally check this blog daily and have 'stolen' a number of images and words from it to post here at the gate.

3. The End Starts Here ~ a quirky blog by well-known photographer Rodney Smith, whose work I am certain many of you have encountered in the blogosphere. Here are a few examples:

4. Assorted ~ a tumblr blog that is pure eye candy and full of great quotes and luscious links. I've stolen so much material from her blog that I finally confessed my thieving ways to her and now have a new blogging friend!

5. whiskey river ~ this blog is in the style of a commonplace book : " a book in which records are made of things to be remembered." It contains quotes and passages and poetry from books and websites with links. It is especially great for inspirational quotes like the recent one I posted about Leonard Cohen.

6. wood s lot ~ the work of Canadian Mark Woods, this website gathers sound bites and images from politics, philosophy, poetry, sociology, religion, art ...... everything! He posts interesting snippets that make me want to follow the amply provided links and 'read more about it.'

7. Crush Cul de Sac ~ a very 'girly' tumblr blog of fantasy images that I discovered whilst browsing about at Assorted. A sample:

In the past, for whatever reason or non-reason, I did not roam about the blogosphere. Instead, I was merely content to swim in my own little pond, here in the back 40. I also tended to start up and then kill off blogs on a fairly regular basis. Now that my paranoid state has subsided to a minimal degree (barely noticeable I assure you), I have stayed with this particular blog and branched out a bit looking for inspiration. Along the way I've collected a few more blogging friends that I adore, re-acquainted myself with my 5 faithful readers, and enjoyed the process of it all much more than ever before. For that, I thank you, faithful reader!



gz said...


Adullamite said...

Very well done lass. xx

red dirt girl said...

xxx, gz!

thank you, adullamite

Gary's third pottery blog said...

adore you TOO sweetie :)

bulletholes said...

I found Crash and Whiskey River about two years ago. Great sites! Thanks for the tip to my friend at Assorted! She is just making it up as she goes along you know!
And yeah, I remember some of your "crazy" posts that got you in trouble (for no real good reason, I mean really) and I think you have no problem I can see whatsoever baby.

goatman said...

A fine list of places to go, things to do.
I like the sparseness of Mr. Smith's blog. True British.

SL said...

Well, this just tickles me to no end to be included on a list like this with these great blogs, on a great blog like yours. You are too kind RDG!

red dirt girl said...

Ahhhh Gary, that's so sweet! thank you, xxx

red dirt girl said...

Cowboy! I should have mentioned that you were the one to set me loose on tumblr starting at Crashingly Beautiful. Thank you for the link, friend. I've really enjoyed those blogs!

As for the rest, well you know, I felt bad that it was your blog they were stalking at the time. And as you pointed out, it was all for naught - all that stress and paranoia on my part. I should have just let it roll .....

live and learn
love ya!

red dirt girl said...

Hi goatman! Yes, I enjoy browsing at Mr. Smith's blog periodically. It's not an every day sort of stop. I think I've stolen the post about his best student ever to put up here at the gate - probably later this week.

glad you enjoy!

red dirt girl said...

Hi SL,

You are every bit deserving to be on a 'go to' list like this. Your's is a daily stop to smile, laugh, pause and take a breath, be inspired ... I owe a number of great posts to you, girlfriend!

Besides, anyone that's the best friend of cowboy's is definitely a friend of mine!

So happy to have met you!

witnessing am i said...

Some lovely bits of loveliness. Thank you for this list, the links, the seeds of inspiration.

I visit very few blogs nowadays -- though I am not sure why -- but between your blogs, I always get a nice fill of poetry and prose, images, flavors and scents. Thank you.

red dirt girl said...

Mr. Wit ~ Thank you for the lovely sentiments. Yes, we've missed your presence in the blogosphere, but figured you had good reason. Like ... actually having a life :) Happy to see you.