Wislawa Szymborska

Wislawa Szymborska
(2 July 1923 - 1 February 2012)
I’ll never find out now
What A. thought of me.
If B. ever forgave me in the end.
Why C. pretended everything was fine.
What part D. played in E.’s silence.
What F. had been expecting, if anything.
Why G. forgot when she knew perfectly well.
What H. had to hide.
What I. wanted to add.
If my being around
meant anything
to J. and K. and the rest of the alphabet.

“ABC” from Monologue of a Dog by Wisława Szymborska.

Go here to read a lovely tribute written in honor of the Nobel prize-winning poet


Alberto Granados said...

Great poetry. I feeel a big deal of sorrow because of her death.


Phideau said...

The ABC is very obviously NOT the monologue of a dog.

We dogs don't think like that, we don't care about your disapproval, we care nothing for intrigues.
And our guilt is small and fleeting.
We have no shame.

It's the monologue of a woman.

goatman said...

This a a case where questions may come in.
Nice poem though.

red dirt girl said...

@ AG ~ I agree. I feel sorrow at her passing ... though she lived a great deal of life in her lifetime: from Hitler to Stalin to the fall of the Berlin Wall and communism .....she was a lovely woman.


red dirt girl said...

Phideau ~ whilst the spelling of your name might lead one to believe you are a part of the beau monde, I believe you're that cur I see on the street corner pawing through yesterday's trash for a scrap or two.

I have it upon good authority that Madame Szymborska collaborated with a fine Alsatian bitch in the writing of her poems, practically dictating what the Alsatian had to say; hence, the name Monologue of a Dog.

You are correct in your assertion that we dogs don't think like that in the manner of most multi-bred mutts. The nobility and gentility of the Alsatian bitch is most definitely a cut above your kind. And her intellect is evidenced by the content of this book.

It's ok, Fido. We don't expect you to understand.


red dirt girl said...

@goatman - What sort of questions? I'm curious. I find this to be one of her 'lighter' poems - easy flowing but with a bite. Oh I do like poems that have bite.


goatman said...

Questions never asked. . .