Finding you

Finding you

I love to find you in the night-time,
When your toes rest, child-like, upon my legs;
To be stirred by the warmth of your body -
Naked, smooth, slow-breathing, sleeping ...
The smell of your hair, your pillowed head
Sheltering under my arm.
So we cheat the waking, working hours.

The green-glow figures of time
Play gooseberry in the dark,
Unmasking each newborn minute
In the silence of bird-sleeping hours.

Time will not stand still for us
Nor life be more than earth;
Yet more ancient hearts than ours knew,
Like us, the intimate quiet of night.

by ~ poet unknown (but I wish someone would tell me who ...)



J Cosmo Newbery said...

It is lovely. But no idea who wrote it.

gz said...

So poignant and beautiful and true.

bulletholes said...

Someone hit the snooze, will ya?

Anonymous said...


bulletholes said...

When are ya'll gonna come up for air?