the waiting is hell !!

Yes, it is that time of year - AGAIN
with my beloved arriving in 12 hours or so !!

I've been absentminded at work,
forgetting the simplest of tasks; my mind running in circles.

HIS to do list was easy !!
(no tan required)

I've been feverishly cleaning house.
I've washed so many loads of laundry I feel like I live in a laundromat.

He's leaping tall obstacles to reach me.

I've set the lanterns aglow to light his path across the Atlantic.

He's afraid I'll not find him at the airport.
I told him don't worry, there's a special place for lost people ...

By this time tomorrow, I'll be walking on air!

(wish us good luck)


Adullamite said...

i doubt there was a need to clean and do the laundry myself, he will not notice that!


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Good luck.

J Cosmo Newbery said...
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Gary's third pottery blog said...


bulletholes said...

Good luck ya'll!

gz said...

wishing you both well- have a good time!

red dirt girl said...

Thank you everyone!!! I'm setting off for the airport ... hugs and
xxx to all!

SL said...

So happy for you! Enjoy every single minute of his visit. You can sleep AFTER he leaves!

soubriquet said...

So, I arrived, exited all the customs and immigration stuff, into the arrivals hall, and guess what, people?


She wasn't there.

I made my way to the lost persons area, better known as Starbucks, and called her. Apparently, the dog ate her homework, or some such excuse. Me personally, I think she just plain forgot all about me. Well, eventually, she turned up, at some other terminal, ( i think she was stalling for time with that one), and called me back. I had to ask a limo driver for directions. Then the fierce little guy marshalling traffic in the pick up area whistled and shouted in rage, the worlds were conspiring against us.

I can now report I have been reclaimed from Lost Persons, and am being treated well. xxxxxx!

goatman said...

She just wanted to enjoy another ride in those tiny trains between terminals !!