frivolous friday ~ a belated birthday post

Soub and I returned from our mini-vacation in the hill country
on my birthday last Saturday.
This is what greeted us when we opened the door to our bedroom:

My 17 yr old mulette and her friends had a grand time
decorating the 'love nest' - Hahaha.

Each night when I go to bed,
I feel like I'm sleeping inside a 'Christo' piece ...

The glowing balloons are definitely the piece de resistance!
They look like live alien pods in the dark.
What you cannot fully see are the TONS of metallic confetti
strewn about bed and floor !!

Soub emptied out my two vacuum cleaners in anticipation of the clean up,
which he has thoughtfully left for me to do ....

In the meantime, their territory is expanding:
into the bathroom, closet, shower, hall, down the stairs.
You wouldn't believe the places I've found confetti in ...

Even there ... ;)


soubriquet said...


soubriquet said...

Surely not?!

soubriquet said...

Good grief.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I think my mind just stripped a thread.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh gosh, like what gets where when doin' it on the beach...but more colorful!

gz said...


goatman said...

Little reminders everywhere forever.
What a treat

red dirt girl said...

I could swing two ways here: chide you boys for your lewd thoughts and innocently claim I was referring to my belly button ....

But, well, you know me too well :)

Instead, I think I've found a cheaper, faster way to vajazzle my, ummm, vajayjay: just use a can of spray adhesive, then roll on the floor over the confetti. Works like a charm! Wish I could show you the results .....LOL!


Adullamite said...

Happy Birthday young 'un!

soubriquet said...

Your reader rolls his eyes in despair. What IS the world coming to?
Where is modesty and restraint?

Where are the delicate, dainty ladies?

Whatever happened?
Looks like the fierce and truculent Red Dirt Toddler grew up unchanged.

red dirt girl said...

Why thank you, Adullamite !!


red dirt girl said...

Modest? Why yes, of course I'm modest...dainty, delicate, retiring ...Bwahaaaaaa! We both know I couldn't pull those adjectives off even if I tried. My ex Mother-in-Law used to call me 'handsome' in spanish. I used to feel somewhat offended by that - but now I understand what she meant. No. RDG is not meant for the timid and oh so proper boy ...xxx

ps. I'm not sure what I'm doing in my sleep at night, but when I wake up in the mornings, I keep finding gold stars stuck to my azz .....;)