why nobody pets the lion at the zoo

The morning that the world began
The Lion growled a growl at Man.

And I suspect the Lion might
(If he’d been closer) have tried a bite.

I think that’s as it ought to be
And not as it was taught to me.

I think the Lion has a right
To growl a growl and bite a bite.

And if the Lion bothered Adam,
He should have growled right back at ’im.

The way to treat a Lion right
Is growl for growl and bite for bite.

True, the Lion is better fit
For biting than for being bit.

But if you look him in the eye
You’ll find the Lion’s rather shy.

He really wants someone to pet him.
The trouble is: his teeth won’t let him.

He has a heart of gold beneath
But the Lion just can’t trust his teeth.


Adullamite said...

All cats are the same....

gz said...


goatman said...

I used to like the zoo till now and I am always wanting to let them go out and live free.

Too sad the pacing and boredom

goatman said...

I know, I know, : its a metaphor!

red dirt girl said...

Adullamite ~ Ha.

gz ~ xxx!

goatman ~ I understand what you mean, and I think the zoos of today are much better at creating hospitable habitats for their animals than the ones we visited as children.

And yes, it is a metaphor. Lest anyone get the wrong idea, the bitey lion would be ME!


bulletholes said...

"When the fox gnaws, smile!"

red dirt girl said...

Hey cowboy ... we know a bunch about foxes and gnawing and smiling, don't we?!!