on tickets to hell and paying it forward

I earned a ticket to hell today.

I was in the car line at a local Starbucks on my way to work.  I was a little pushed for time as I had already stopped once to fill up the monster gas tank in my car.  I thought I had missed the 'morning' rush as it was getting closer to noon.  I was wrong.  Apparently, there is ALWAYS a car line at this particular Starbucks.  I was idling behind a subaru outback, musing about trading in my gas guzzler for a subaru.  The lead car pulled away from the window and the outback just .... didn't move.  Normally I am quite patient with this type of behavior.  I counted to ten.  The outback still didn't move.  I finally hit the horn.  Actually I had to hit it a few times before it made any sound.  The lady in the outback glanced up and pulled ahead.

After she completed her transaction, it was my turn. FINALLY.  The gentleman at the window said, "The lady ahead of you paid for your order.  Here it is.  Have a nice day."

Sigh.  Not only have I acquired a new ticket to hell, I've also been saddled with a bucketful of BAD KARMA. I felt bad.  I earned a second ticket to hell by briefly toying with the idea that I should have ordered an entire breakfast along with my latte.

Tickets to hell don't faze me, as we've already discovered.  But BAD KARMA gives me the heebie jeebies.  So I spent the workday attempting to find ways to 'pay it forward' - in order to reduce my bucket load of bad karma.  I was not having much success.  My attempts to help my co-workers kept being interrupted or superseded by more pressing matters like ... helping customers.  I did have one minor victory.  A customer wanted a new loop on a medallion.  Normally we don't work on jewelry that is not made by our company.  I okay'd it with the boss and had it done while the customer was waiting.

I know.  It is but a small drop of good karma in my big bucket of bad.



Adullamite said...

You shouldn't read women's magazines. They give duff info.

goatman said...

But horns are our friends. They indicate our presence and notice without which we would be only screaming into the dark intent or pause of others. You were saddled with bad technology and for that you have over not much power. We require two horns: one for just catching attention and noting an impropriety, and the other for blasting a moron who is busy trying to cause a serious accident from his or her texting activity.
Short those options, I practice a nice notice me "toot" as I pass neighbors with their asses in the air while tending the garden, or (as in your case) to note a presence.
But I will keep your story in mind -- as source of possible free stuff!

red dirt girl said...

Adullamite ~ I don't have time to read magazines - I make all this stuff up in my head !!!


red dirt girl said...

ha goatman~ I did wish I had had something more dainty like a bell on a bicycle - a nice pringg pringg would have been just the ticket. The loud horn on my oversized car sounds soooo rude. And apparently she didn't notice my gesticulating arms.

Indeed, I'm going to start beefing up my starbucks orders and honking a whole lot more in line ....


Anonymous said...

In the Philippines, the motorcycles all have horns that sound like birds chirping. It took me about a week before I was reliably flinching and then clearing out of the roadway upon hearing the sound.

Hi mule friend!

red dirt girl said...

Hi Dave!

chirping motorcycles are a bit of a conundrum aren't they ?!


Lin said...

I like the photo. Was that really your muffin?

Don't worry about the horn thing--people beep horns. That's why they put them on cars--to BEEP them! ;)

red dirt girl said...

Hi Lin!

Not my photo - in fact most (say 98%) of the images on my blogs are not my own. But isn't it great ??!! Next time I order a blueberry muffin at Starbucks, I'm going to slice it in half to see if it is sad :)

thanks for the tip about the horn...